Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron


Movie Info

Title Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron

Original title Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Year 2002

Director s Kelly Asbury,Lorna Cook

Genre Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Western, Family, Animation

Top 9 Quotes of “Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron” Movie

“Like my father before me, I became leader of the Cimarron herd. And with that honor came responsibility.”

Matt Damon – Spirit

“Okay, I admit it. She was… charming, in a stubborn, irritating kind of way. So I let her show me her world.” Matt Damon – Spirit

“My heart galloped through the skies that night, back to my herd, where I belonged. I wondered if they missed me as much as I missed them.”

Matt Damon – Spirit

“There was no end to the strange ways on the two-leggeds.” Matt Damon – Spirit

“I was born here, in this place that would come to be called the Old West. But, to my kind, the land was ageless. It had no beginning and no end, no boundary between earth and sky. Like the wind and the buffalo grass, we belonged here, we would always belong here. They say the mustang is the spirit of the West.”

Matt Damon – Spirit

“I had been waiting so long to run free, but that goodbye was harder than I ever imagined. I’ll never forget that boy and how we won back our freedom together.”

Matt Damon – Spirit

“There are those in Washington who believe the West will never be settled, the Northern Pacific Railroad will never breach Nebraska, a hostile Lakota will never submit to providence. And it is that kind of small-minded thinking that who say this horse will never be tamed. Discipline, time, and patience are the three great levelers.”

James Cromwell – The Colonel

“And so I grew from colt to stallion, as wild and as reckless as thunder over the land. Racing with the eagle, soaring with the wind. Flying? There were times I believed I could.”

Matt Damon – Spirit

“A wiser horse might have turned and run, but I wanted to know what strange creatures were here.” Matt Damon – Spirit