Movie Info

Title: Smallville

Year: 2001

Creators: Alfred Gough,Miles Millar

Genre: Drama, Romance, Adventure

Top 32 Quotes of “Smallville” Movie

“- Clark Kent: Have you ever got information that you wish you hadn’t?
– Lex Luthor: In my experience I’ve found you can never have too much information.” Tom Welling – Clark Kent
Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor

“- Lex Luthor: You both stood your ground and are doing what you want. I caved. You two have inspired me.
– Clark Kent: Oh yeah. Joining the football team and pouring some coffee. We’re a couple of real rebels.
– Lana Lang: Long live the revolution.” Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor
Tom Welling – Clark Kent
Kristin Kreuk – Lana Lang

“If you really like someone, you accept every part of them. But you can’t do that until they’re willing to share every part with you.” Kristin Kreuk – Lana Lang

“[talking about a breastplate belonget to Alexander the Great]
– Lex Luthor: Darker times call for darker methods. His opponents thought he was invincible.
– Clark Kent: I didn’t know you were such a history buff.
– Lex Luthor: I’m not. I’m just interested in people who ruled the world before they were thirty.” Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor
Tom Welling – Clark Kent

“- Chloe Sullivan: Clark, non mi stai superando come amico, vero?
– Clark Kent: Chloe, non potrei mai superarti. Altro che verticale.
– Chloe Sullivan: È incredibile fino a che punto ti conquisterà il fascino del Kent.” Allison Mack – Chloe Sullivan
Tom Welling – Clark Kent

“- Kyle Tippet: Do you know what it’s like to have to hide because of who you are?
– Clark Kent: Yes, I do. But when you have a gift you can’t just hide in a hole and hope it goes away.” Gregory Sporleder – Kyle Tippet
Tom Welling – Clark Kent

“Any good relationship relies on trust, but there has to be room to disagree.” Annette O’Toole – Martha Kent

– Lex Luthor: There’s nothing wrong with a good fight. Just remember, the man of tomorrow is forged by his battles today.
– Clark Kent: Could I use that? I mean, “the man of tomorrow” for my slogan?
– Lex Luthor: Knock yourself out. Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor
Tom Welling – Clark Kent

“- Clark Kent: Dad, you were right. Once I understood what triggered the heat, I was able to control it without thinking about… sex.
– Jonathan Kent: You sure about that son?
– Clark Kent: Trust me. Next time I have a date, I’ll be able to take her out without setting her on fire.
– Jonathan Kent: Well, that’s a relief.” Tom Welling – Clark Kent
John Schneider – Jonathan Kent

“- Chloe Sullivan: Pete, do you want to take a commercial break from the soap opera in your head? I’ve told you a hundred times; I’m not interested in Clark.
– Pete Ross: Your vehement denial has been duly noted!” Allison Mack – Chloe Sullivan
Sam Jones III – Pete Ross

“My feelings for Clark are so ancient, they’re… they’re fossilized!” Allison Mack – Chloe Sullivan

“Love isn’t about playing it safe. It’s about risks. Unless you’re willing to put yourself out there, you’ll never know.” Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor

“- Lex Luthor: The only picture of my father and me appears in the LuthorCorp annual report.
– Jonathan Kent: Is this the part where I’m supposed to feel sorry for you?
– Lex Luthor: No. I just want you to understand if I’m guilty of anything regarding your family, it’s envy.” Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor
John Schneider – Jonathan Kent

“Anyone who doesn’t appreciate poetry doesn’t understand that it’s all about seduction.” Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor

“I don’t care about the past – I believe in the power to reinvent yourself.” Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor

“- Clark Kent: Mom, if you could see anything, what would you do?
– Martha Kent: Learn to close my eyes.” Tom Welling – Clark Kent
Annette O’Toole – Martha Kent

“Clark, you can’t save the world. All you’ll end up with is a Messiah complex and a lot of enemies.” Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor

“This is what I love about high school parties. People will gather anywhere as long as there’s illegally-purchased alcohol and even the slightest chance of hooking up.” Allison Mack – Chloe Sullivan

“Life isn’t easy for anybody, whether you’re normal or super. But you’re still Clark Kent. You were raised a certain way and that’s never gonna change. Sure, your abilities were part of you, but they didn’t define you.” John Schneider – Jonathan Kent

“Oliver, I never thought I’d have to tell you how I feel about us because the smile on my lips when I looked at you pretty much said it all. But now that you won’t be seeing it anymore I’ll have to use words to tell you. I’ve never loved anyone the way I’ve loved you and I never will again. You are my brightest star, my knight in shining leather,…” Cassidy Freeman – Tess Mercer

“You can learn a lot from someone you hate.” Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor

“- Lana Lang: Nietzsche? I didn’t know you have a dark side, Clark.
– Clark Kent: Doesn’t everyone?
– Lana Lang: So what are you: Man or Superman?
– Clark Kent: I haven’t figured it out yet.” Kristin Kreuk – Lana Lang
Tom Welling – Clark Kent

“- Lana Lang: What’s wrong?
– Chloe Sullivan: Clark and I just had a massive blow-out.
– Lana Lang: About what?
– Chloe Sullivan: His secrets, privacy… my pathological inability to curb my curiosity.” Kristin Kreuk – Lana Lang
Allison Mack – Chloe Sullivan

“- Lex Luthor: Ryan, real life is not a comic book. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty, make compromises.
– Ryan James: That’s what your father told you. That doesn’t mean it’s right.” Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor
Ryan Kelley – Ryan James

“If life doesn’t make you crazy, then why bother living it? I know that’s how I want it.” Kristin Kreuk – Lana Lang

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