Movie Info

Title Sinister

Year 2012

Director Scott Derrickson


Top 5 Quotes of “Sinister” Movie

“- Anchor: So, ultimately, what feels better? Seeing justice done or seeing your book, Kentucky Blood number one on the New York Times bestseller list?
– Ellison Oswalt: The justice, without question… I’d rather cut my hands off than write a book for fame or money.”
Tavis Smiley – Anchor
Ethan Hawke – Ellison Oswalt

“When bad things happen to good people they still need to have their stories told, they deserve that much!”
Ethan Hawke – Ellison Oswalt

“- Tracy: There are plenty of other ways you can provide for this family.
– Ellison Oswalt: Doing what? Teaching? Editing journalism textbooks? Don’t you understand that writing is what gives my life meaning? These books are my legacy!
– Tracy: I have always supported you doing what you love, Ellison. But writing isn’t the meaning of your life….”
Juliet Rylance – Tracy
Ethan Hawke – Ellison Oswalt

“You can never explain something like this. And if you were able to, the odds are you wouldn’t much care for the answer.”
Fred Thompson – Sheriff

“It’s one thing to hear about something but it’s another thing to see it.”
Juliet Rylance – Tracy