Salem’s Lot

Plot – Ben Mears is an author in crisis. To write a book,he comes back to Jerusalem’s Lot,his hometown. Some inhabitants are missing and Ben suspects the antique dealer is involved.

Movie Info

Title: Salem’s Lot

Year: 2004

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller, Mystery

Top 5 Quotes of “Salem’s Lot” Movie

“- Ruth Crockett: What’s the truth about this town?
– Ben Mears: I used to think nothing happened here. But the truth is everything happens here. One has to look close in a small town. The beauty is in the details.”

Penny McNamee – Ruth Crockett
Rob Lowe – Ben Mears

“The town has secrets, but sees through lies. Even the ones you tell yourself. What are you doing coming back to the place where you lived as a boy? Trying to recapture something that was irrevocably lost? What magic do you expect to recapture by walking roads you once walked and are now probably asphalted.”

Rob Lowe – Ben Mears

“- Matt Burke: Uh, Mr. Mears, should anyone in their right mind trust an author?
– Ben Mears: A good author illuminates truth.”

Andre Braugher – Matt Burke
Rob Lowe – Ben Mears

“- Ben Mears: You’re a vampire hunter now.
– Dr. James Cody: We’ll be home by midnight?
– Ben Mears: No, that’s Cinderella.”

Rob Lowe – Ben Mears
Robert Mammone – Dr. James Cody

“There’s little good in small towns. Mostly boredom, interspersed with a dull, mindless, moronic evil.”

Rob Lowe – Ben Mears