Plot – Rodney Copperbottom is a brilliant but poor robot. When he loses his pieces,he inherits what he needs from his rich cousins,so he decides to find fortune in Robot City,where his idol Bigweld lives. Rodney befriends the Rusties,a group of poor street robots and with their help Rodney begins a battle against Robot City’s shady characters to have a better future.

Movie Info

Title Robots

Year 2005

Director s Chris Wedge,Carlos Saldanha

Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Family, Animation

Top 14 Quotes of “Robots” Movie

“Never try, never fail. Those are the words I live by.”

Drew Allison Carey – Crank

“To me the company was about making life better, but to Ratchet, it was making money that came first. I became old-fashioned, and outmoded. Ratchet beat me, and he’s gonna beat you.”

Mel Brooks – Bigweld

“If I seem to be getting smaller, it’s because… I’m leaving!”

Robin Williams -Fender

“I know that sounds bad, but I’m just doing musical arm farts. You know how to do those? They’re hard to do because we’re made of metal, but that’s where the skill comes in.”

Robin Williams -Fender

“- Rodney Copperbottom: Why do you have two noses?
– Fender: One’s for showin’, one’s for blowin’.”

Ewan Gordon McGregor – Rodney Copperbottom
Robin Williams -Fender

“You can shine no matter what you’re made of.”

Mel Brooks – Bigweld

“- Mailbox: That’s from my sister!
– Fender: I recognize the handwriting.” Al Roker – Mailbox
Robin Williams – Fender

“See a need, fill a need.” Mel Brooks – Bigweld

– Mrs. Copperbottom: I told you I’d find him! It’s a mother’s instinct.
– Herb Copperbottom: What instinct? He left us a note, “I’m leaving, I’ll be at the train station”.

Dianne Wiest – Mrs. Copperbottom
Stanley Tucci – Herb Copperbottom

“The lies I’ve told! The lives I’ve ruined! Wait… this isn’t helping me!” Greg Kinnear – Ratchet

“- Fender: You consider me a friend?
– Rodney Copperbottom: Sure. What else would I consider you?
– Fender: I don’t know. An embarrassment? A way to rebel against your parents? A desperate cry for help? The list is endless.”

Robin Williams -Fender
Ewan Gordon McGregor – Rodney Copperbottom

“Boy, when you pick a lost cause, you really commit. Where do they make dreamers like you?”

Paul Giamatti – Tim the Gate Guard

“- Aunt Fanny: Fighting never solved anything.
– Bigweld: Quitting’s not so productive, either.”

Jennifer Coolidge -Aunt Fanny
Mel Brooks – Bigweld

“- Madame Gasket: Who are these losers?
– Fender: We, sir…
– Madame Gasket: I’m a woman.
– Fender: We’ve come to rescue our friend, you evil bag of bolts, and you shall be defeated by the very outmodes that you scorn and detest!”

Jim Broadbent – Madame Gasket
Robin Williams -Fender