Return to Never Land


Movie Info

Title Return to Never Land

Year 2002

Director s Robin Budd,Donovan Cook

Genre Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Animation

Top 8 Quotes of “Return to Never Land” Movie

“- Jane: You promised no one would get hurt. You gave your word.
– Captain Hook: And Captain Hook always keeps his word. I promised I would not harm a hair on Peter Pan’s head.” Harriet Owen – Jane
Corey Burton – Captain Hook

“- Peter Pan: You know the rules, Hook. A good captain always goes down with his ship.
– Captain Hook: I don’t want to be a good captain!”

Blayne Weaver – Peter Pan
Corey Burton – Captain Hook

“- Peter Pan: Why?
– Jane: Because! That’s why!”

Blayne Weaver – Peter Pan
Harriet Owen – Jane

“Peter Pan, pixie dust… childish nonsense.”

Harriet Owen – Jane

“- Peter Pan: Wendy?
– Wendy Darling: Hello, Peter.
– Peter Pan: You changed.
– Wendy Darling: Not really. Not ever.”

Kath Soucie – Peter Pan

“- Peter Pan: If you’re not Wendy, then who are you?
– Jane: I’m her daughter, Jane.
– Peter Pan: Then if you’re Wendy’s daughter, you’re gonna love it here.”

Blayne Weaver – Peter Pan
Harriet Owen – Jane

“- Jane: Trust? Pixie Dust? Mother, those are just words from your stories. They don’t mean anything.
– Danny: Yes they do. Peter Pan says they’ll make you fly.”

Harriet Owen – Jane
Andrew McDonough – Danny

“Don’t you see, Hook? You will never win. Not as long as there’s faith, trust, and pixie dust.” Harriet Owen – Jane