Rebel Without a Cause


Plot – Jim, Judy and Plato, three high school students, are suspected of the beating of a man founded unconscious on the roadside. Judy is soon released, Plato is sent back to his black housekeeper and Jim waits for his parents in the police station. The next day, Judy refuses a ride with Jim, who later sees the girl together with Buzz, who’s hostile to Jim. After school Buzz and his friends expect Jim to mock him, until the two guys decide to compete in the “chickle run”: they have to ride a car at high speed until the edge of a dangerous cliff. The winner will be the one who will jump out of the car as close as possible to the precipice.

Movie Info

Title Rebel Without a Cause

Year 1955

Director Nicholas Ray


Top 6 Quotes of “Rebel Without a Cause” Movie

“Watch out about choosing your pals. You know what I mean? Don’t let ’em choose you.”
Jim Backus – Frank Stark

“- Judy: I love somebody. All the time I’ve been… I’ve been looking for someone to love me. And now I love somebody. And it’s so easy. Why is it easy now?
– Jim Stark: I don’t know; it is for me, too.
– Judy: I love you, Jim. I really mean it.
– Jim Stark: Well, I’m glad.”
Natalie Wood – Jude

James Dean – Jim Stark

“- Plato: Do you think the end of the world will come at nighttime?
– Jim Stark: Uh-uh, at dawn.”
Sal Mineo – John ‘Plato’ Crawford

James Dean – Jim Stark

“A girl wants a man who is gentle and sweet who doesn’t run away.”
Natalie Wood – Judy

“- Jim Stark: Nobody talks to children.
– Judy: No, they just tell them.”
James Dean – Jim Stark

Natalie Wood – Judy

“I don’t know what to do anymore. Except maybe die.”
James Dean – Jim Stark