Queen of the Desert


Movie Info

Title Queen of the Desert

Year 2015

Director Werner Herzog


Top 10 Quotes of “Queen of the Desert” Movie

“My cigar was finished. That’s the end of the world.”
Christopher Fulford – Winston Churchill

“Eternal love that keeps arms satisfied. Earth, air, deep. Light nights and harvest my heart. You are mine at last in everlasting remembrance.”
Nicole Kidman – Gertrude Bell

“- Gertrude Bell: Even if you do not hear from me for several months, pay no attention and send no one.
– Charles Doughty-Wylie: The Druzes will take you for a spy.
– Gertrude Bell: Yes, well maybe I am. Maybe I am a spy. But I am a spy for no one. No one but myself.”
Nicole Kidman – Gertrude Bell

Damian Lewis – Richard Wylie

“- Charles Doughty-Wylie: Will you write to me?
– Gertrude Bell: Yes, I’ll write to you from every post office in the desert.”
Damian Lewis – Richard Wylie

Nicole Kidman – Gertrude Bell

“Already I have dropped back into the desert as if it were my own place. Silence and solitude all around me like an impenetrable veil. Sleep more profound that civilization contrives. And then, the roadless desert, again.”

Nicole Kidman – Gertrude Bell

“Paradise has no time, age or sanctuary. Awaits us.”
Nicole Kidman – Gertrude Bell

“- Hugh Bell: You were only 5 years, and you were already reading voraciously. And someone stupidly showed you Leonardo da Vinci’s sketchbook.
– Gertrude Bell: I remember the one with the parachute!
– Florance Bell: Who ever would need a parachute?
– Gertrude Bell: Everyone. Everyone needs a parachute.”
David Calder – Hugh Bell

Nicole Kidman – Gertrude Bell

Jenny Agutter – Florance Bell

“Love is a tyrant, sparing none.”
Damian Lewis – Richard Wylie

“- Gertrude Bell: England needs to get out of its colonies sooner rather than later.
– Col. T.E. Lawrence: I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.”
Nicole Kidman – Gertrude Bell

Robert Pattinson – T.E. Lawrence

“- Gertrude Bell: I operate for no one.
– Sir Mark Sykes: What is it then that attracts you to the Bedouin out there?
– Gertrude Bell: Something that you and your world you can not ever understand. It’s their freedom. It’s their dignity. It’s their poetry of life.”
Nicole Kidman – Gertrude Bell

Nick Waring – Sir Mark Sykes