Paths of Glory


Plot – During World War I, a French general orders to attack a German position. The brave and honest Colonel Dax thinks it will be a carnage but he’s forced to execute the commands. When the attack fails, three innocent soldiers are shot.

Movie Info

Title Paths of Glory

Year 1957

Director Stanley Kubrick


Top 6 Quotes of “Paths of Glory” Movie

“There are few things more fundamentally encouraging and stimulating than seeing someone else die.”
Adolphe Menjou – Gen. George Broulard

“- General Mireau: I can’t understand these armchair officers, fellas trying to fight a war from behind a desk, waving papers at the enemy, worrying about whether a mouse is gonna run up their pants leg.
– Colonel Dax: I don’t know, General. If I had the choice between mice and Mausers, I think I’d take the mice every time.”
George Macready – Gen. Paul Mireau

Kirk Douglas – Col. Dax

“- Pvt. Pierre Arnaud: I’m not afraid of dying tomorrow, only of getting killed.
– Soldier in bunk: That’s as clear as mud.
– Pvt. Pierre Arnaud: Well, which would you rather be done in by: a bayonet or a machine gun?
– Soldier in bunk: Oh, a machine gun, naturally.
– Pvt. Pierre Arnaud: Naturally, that’s just my point. They’re both pieces of…”
Joe Turkel – Pvt. Pierre Arnaud

“- General Broulard: Colonel Dax, are you trying to blackmail me?
– Colonel Dax: It’s an uglyword, but you are in a difficult situation.”
Adolphe Menjou – Gen. George Broulard

Kirk Douglas – Col. Dax

“Gentlemen of the court, there are times that I’m ashamed to be a member of the human race and this is one such occasion.”
Kirk Douglas – Col. Dax

“- General Broulard: It would be a pity to lose your promotion before you get it. A promotion you have so very carefully planned for.
– Colonel Dax: Sir, would you like me to suggest what you can do with that promotion?
– General Broulard: Colonel Dax! You will apologize at once or I shall have you placed under arrest!
– Colonel Dax: I…”
Adolphe Menjou – Gen. George Broulard

Kirk Douglas – Col. Dax