Over the Hedge

Plot – RJ is an enterprising raccoon who inserts a coin into a vending machine to eat a bag of crisps. The pack gets stuck and the animal starts a furious battle against the machine. From now on,to find food RJ faces many adventures: he steals a bear its food supply,then the raccoon involves a group of animals just out of hibernation to collect the food he has to return the bear. To complicate things,humans appear.

Movie Info

Title Over the Hedge

Year 2006

Director s Tim Johnson,Karey Kirkpatrick

Genre Comedy, Adventure, Family, Animation

Top 14 Quotes of “Over the Hedge” Movie

“- Hammy: I gotta go wee-wee!
– Verne: Not on the lake we drink from!”

Steve Carrell – Hammy
Garry Shandling – Verne

“It’s the first day of spring. Only 274 days left until winter.”

Garry Shandling – Verne

“If a human does happen to see you, just lay down, roll over and give your privates a good licking. They love it!” Bruce Willis – RJ

“The human mouth is called a ‘piehole’, the human being is called a ‘couch potato’.” Bruce Willis – RJ

“- Stella: So, you got a name?
– Tiger: Yes. It is a Persian name, for I am Persian. I was born Prince Tigeriess Mahmood Shabaz.
– Stella: Ooh, that’s a mouthful. Can I just call you Tiger?”

Wanda Sykes – Stella
Omid Djalili – Tiger

“That is a device to summon food.” Bruce Willis – RJ

“- Bucky: Hey, no fighting while we’re driving!
– Spike: We will turn this car around, mister!” Sami Kirkpatrick – Bucky
Shane Baumel – Spike

“That is one of the many voices of food.” Bruce Willis – RJ

“We eat to live. These guys live to eat!” Bruce Willis – RJ

“That is a S.U.V; humans ride in them because they are slowly losing their ability to walk.” Bruce Willis – RJ

“For humans, enough is never enough! And what do they do with the stuff they don’t eat? They put it in gleaming silver cans, just for us!” Bruce Willis – RJ

“That is one of the many food transportation vehicles. Humans bring the food, take the food, ship the food, they drive food, they wear the food!” Bruce Willis – RJ

“That is the altar where they worship food!” Bruce Willis – RJ

“- Dwayne: I believe someone phoned about an animal problem? The solution is standing before you. Dwayne LaFontaine is here.
– Gladys: Where have you been? I am throwing a Welcome to the Neighborhood party tomorrow, and so far, Debbie’s car has killed more animals than you have.
– Dwayne: Stand down, sister. I personally guarantee that there…”

Thomas Haden Church – Dwayne
Allison Janney – Gladys