Murder She Said


Plot – Elderly spinster Miss Marple is on her way back from London to her village. Near a small station, a train overtakes hers and – through the window pane – she sees a man strangling a girl. Once at her destination, she immediately goes to the police to report what she has seen, but she is not believed. Only the librarian of the small village believes her story. The two then decide to shed some light on the question. Disguised as toll collectors, they inspect a long section of the railway and they find a trail that leads them to the Ackenthorpe villa.

Movie Info

Title Murder She Said

Year 1961

Director George Pollock


Top 5 Quotes of “Murder She Said” Movie

“A policeman’s work is never done.”
Margaret Rutherford – Miss Marple

“- Alexander: We’ve never had a golf-playing maid before.
– Miss Marple: You may have heard that this is the Age of the Common Woman.”
Ronnie Raymond – Alexander
Margaret Rutherford – Miss Maple

“Don’t you think I’ve seen a corpse before? Be one myself soon!”
James Robertson Justice – Ackenthorpe

“Nostalgia, you know. A failing of the old, I suppose.”
Ronnie Raymond – Alexander

“- Ackenthorpe: There is one thing I cannot tolerate, and that is impertinence.
– Miss Marple: Well, we should get on admirably. Neither can I!”
James Robertson Justice – Ackenthorpe
Margaret Rutherford – Miss Marple