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From the movie: The Ugly Truth

“Women would have us believe that they are the victims; that we break their hearts for sport. That’s crap. They say they want romance, they say they want true love, but all they want is a check list. Is he perfect? Is he handsome?”
Gerard Butler – Mike Chadway

From the movie: Hackers

“Never send a boy to do a woman’s job.”
Angelina Jolie – Kate

From the movie: Fifty Shades of Black

“- Christian Black: I got my money the way most black entrepreneurs got theirs.
– Hannah Steele: Real estate?
– Christian Black: Drug dealing.”
Marlon Wayans – Christian Black
Kali Hawk – Hannah Steele

“People are deeply interested in rewriting the established narratives and challenging what we see as the norm in every way. We want to see a new definition of beauty and sexy.”
Winston Duke

“I need to not be typecast as big, black, and dumb but be seen as an intelligent, witty, bold, and charismatic person.”
Winston Duke

“People look at me, and they have a certain perception, and they slap a label on me. The guy you saw in a wrestling ring is not who I am.”
Dave Bautista

From the movie: Downton Abbey

“- Violet Crawley: Will you have enough clichés to get you through the visit?
– Isobel Merton: If not, I’ll come to you.”
Maggie Smith – Violet Crawley
Penelope Wilton – Isobel Merton

From the movie: Stuber

“Wow… what other racist stereotypes can you do?”

Kumail Nanjiani – Stu

From the movie: Crash

“- Peter: We didn’t get any coffee that you didn’t want and I didn’t order, and this is evidence of racial discrimination? Did you happen to notice our waitress was black?
– Anthony: And black women don’t think in stereotypes? You tell me something man. When was the last time you met one who didn’t think she knew everything about your lazy ass?…”
Larenz Tate – Peter
Ludacris – Anthony

From the movie: Broken City

“You know, women call men dogs. That’s to suggest we’re somehow untrustworthy or disloyal.”
Russell Crowe – Mayor Hostetler

From the movie: Grudge Match

“- Louis ‘Lightning’ Conlon: Hey Webster, show a little respect!
– Dante Slate, Jr.: I choose to believe that you just called me Webster because of my dictionary-sized vocabulary, not because of my height and race!
– Louis ‘Lightning’ Conlon: Nope, it’s because you’re short and black!
– Dante Slate, Jr.: What was Jesus like? I’m curious. Was he…”
Alan Arkin – Louis ‘Lightning’ Conlon
Kevin Hart – Dante Slate, Jr.

From the movie: Love Actually

“Which doll shall we give Daisy’s little friend Emily? The one that looks like a transvestite or the one that looks like a dominatrix?”

Emma Thompson – Karen

From the movie: Bridget Jones’s Diary

“You’ll never get a boyfriend if you look like you wandered out of Auschwitz.”
Gemma Jones – Pam Jones

From the movie: Fifty Shades of Black

“- Hannah: My ex stepdad Ron is a little… over protective.
– Ron: Are you thinking about marrying her?
– Christian: [deeply felt] No.
– Ron: What if she gets pregnant?
– Christian: Still no. But hell no. I like this guy!”
Kali Hawk – Hannah Steele
Mike Epps – Ron
Marlon Wayans – Christian Black

From the movie: Brooklyn

“- Maurizio: Anyway, they probably weren’t all Irish.
– Frankie Fiorello: They just had red hair and big legs.”

Michael Zegen – Maurizio
James DiGiacomo – Frankie Fiorello

From the movie: Capote

“It’s the hardest when someone has a notion about you and it’s impossible to convince them otherwise.”
Philip Seymour Hoffman – Truman Capote

From the movie: Stand by Me

“- Chris: How do you know if a Frenchman has been in your backyard?
– Teddy: Hey, I’m French, okay?
– Chris: Your garbage cans are empty and your dog’s pregnant.
– Teddy: Didn’t I just say I was French?”
River Phoenix – Chris Chambers
Corey Feldman – Teddy Duchamp

From the movie: Vanilla Sky

“- David Aames: You’re a shrink! You gotta be better than that!
– McCabe: Let’s not stereotype each other. Not all richkids are soulless, and not all psychologists care about disease.”
Tom Cruise – David Aames
Kurt Russell – McCabe

From the movie: Decendents, The

“Don’t be fooled by appearances. In Hawaii, some of the most powerful people look like bums and stuntmen.”

George Clooney – Matt King

From the movie: Concussion

“- Dr. Cyril Wecht: How much has it cost you so far?
– Dr. Bennet Omalu: $20,000.
– Dr. Cyril Wecht: 20?
– Dr. Bennet Omalu: I save. Everything.
Dr. Cyril Wecht: Really? How un-American.”
Albert Brooks – Dr. Cyril Wecht
Will Smith – Dr. Bennet Omalu

From the movie: The Butler

“Young brother, the black domestic defy racial stereotypes by being hardworking and trustworthy. He slowly tears down racial hatred with his example of a strong work ethic and dignified character. Now, while we perceive the butler or the maid to be subservient, in many ways they are subversive, without even knowing it.”
Nelsan Ellis – Martin Luther King Jr.

From the movie: Oz The Great And Powerful

“- Oz: You can have a nice pile of bananas.
– Finley: Oh, I see. Because I’m a monkey, I must love bananas, right? That is a vicious stereotype.
– Oz: You don’t like bananas?
– Finley: Of course I love bananas, I’m a monkey. Don’t be ridiculous. I just don’t like you saying it.”
James Franco – Oz
Zach Braff – Finley

From the movie: Steel Magnolias

“All gay men have track lightin’. And all gay men are named Mark, Rick, or Steve.”
Shirley MacLaine – Ouiser Boudreaux

From the movie: Moneyball

“People are overlooked for a variety of biased reasons and perceived flaws. Age, appearance, personality.”
Jonah Hill – Peter Brand

“Agents and producers have to get you into a box to accommodate their limited imaginations.”
Imelda Staunton

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