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“I came to America to become an architect.”

From the movie: The Lake House

“The light in Barcelona is quite different from the light in Tokyo. And, the light in Tokyo is different from that in Prague. A truly great structure, one that is meant to stand the tests of time never disregards its environment. A serious architect takes that into account. He knows that if he wants presence, he must consult with nature. He must…”
Christopher Plummer – Simon Wyler

From the movie: The Rock

“- General Al Kramer: Have you studied the architectural plans?
– Commander Anderson: They’re useless. Alcatraz has been ripped up and rebuilt for years. Underneath is a maze of shit.”
Stuart Wilson – General Al Kramer
Michael Biehn – Commander Anderson

From the movie: The Dream Team

You see those two towers? World Trade Center. I was an architect working on them. First they just wanted to build one but I said: “Fellas, we’re here. What the hell, throw the other one up”. Turned out pretty well, didn’t it?

Michael Keaton – Billy Caufield

From the movie: The Substance of Fire

“- Martin Geldheart: What is the one thing that landscape architecture requires?
– Art Student: A social motif.
– Martin Geldheart: Right.”
Timothy Hutton – Martin Geldhart
Mary Fortune – Art Student

From the movie: Cube²: Hypercube

“You don’t think the guy who makes the toilets for the Space Shuttle gets to see the plans for the rest of it?”
Neil Crone – Jerry Whitehall

From the movie: Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death

“- Dr. Margo Hunt: The secret temple of the Piranha women. Their architecture is surprisingly advanced.
– Jim: It looks like a big lego to me.”
Shannon Tweed – Dr. Margo Hunt
Bill Maher – Jim

From the movie: True Stories

“Metal buildings are the dream that Modern Architects had at the beginning of this century. It has finally come true, but they themselves don’t realize it. That’s because it doesn’t take an Architect to build a metal building. You just order them out of a catalog and it comes with a bunch of guys who put it together in a couple of days, maybe a…”
David Byrne – Narrator

From the movie: True Stories

“Some people say ‘Freeways are the Cathedrals of our time’. Not me.”
David Byrne – Narrator

From the movie: L.A. Story

“Some of these buildings are over 20 years old.”

Steve Martin – Harris K. Telemacher

From the movie: There’s Something About Mary

“- Tucker: Which building’s yours?
– Healy: Are you familiar with the soccer stadium?
– Tucker: Did you build the Estadio Olimpico?
– Healy: No, just down the street the Celinto Catayente Towers.”

Lee Evans – Tucker
Matt Dillon – Healy

From the movie: Three Men and a Baby

“I’m an architect for Christ sake, I build 50 story skyscrapers, I assemble cities of the future, I can certainly put together a goddamn diaper.”
Tom Selleck – Peter Mitchell