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“You only have the burdens on you that you choose to put there. ”
Brandon Lee

From the movie: Persona

“All the anxiety we bear with us, all our thwarted dreams, the incomprehensible cruelty, our fear of extinction, the painful insight into our earthly condition, have slowly eroded our hope of an other-wordly salvation. The howl of our faith and doubt against the darkness and silence, is one of the most awful proofs of our abandonment and our…”

Bibi Andersson – Alma

From the movie: Snowpiercer

“You need to maintain a proper balance of anxiety and fear and chaos and horror in order to keep life going. And if we don’t have that, we need to invent it.”
Ed Harris – Wilford

From the movie: American Hustle

“- Irving Rosenfeld: You’re young. You’re beautiful. You gotta go out and find somebody else. Get some friends. Alright?
– Rosalyn Rosenfeld: I don’t like going out. I get anxiety when I have to meet people. You know how hard that is.”
Christian Bale – Irving Rosenfeld
Jennifer Lawrence – Rosalyn Rosenfeld

From the movie: Autumn Sonata

“It’s just fear and priggishness to believe in limits. There are no limits, neither to thoughts nor feelings. It’s anxiety that sets limits.”
Liv Ullmann – Eva

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“We’re all blessed with a lot of timidity and a lot of worry and anxiety, and vanity is a good antidote. ”
Mel Brooks

From the movie: Around the World in 80 Days

“I’ll be darned if I understand you city folks. Always rushing, rushing, rushing. Always thinking about the future. No wonder you have stomach trouble.”
Joe E. Brown – Fort Kearney Station Master

From the movie: Toy Story 4

“The panic is attacking me!”
Wallace Shawn – Rex

“It could be Grammy night, Oscar night, whatever – I don’t feel the pressure to be there.”
Idris Elba

“Anxiety is a kind of fuel that activates the fight-or-flight part of the brain in me. It makes sure that a velociraptor isn’t around the corner and that you do as much as you possibly can to survive. Because Hollywood has a lot in common with ‘Jurassic Park’ and its primeval-dinosaur universe.”
Ben Affleck

From the movie: Final Destination 3

“I’m going to be worrying about you every second while you’re gone.”

Mary Elizabeth Winstead – Wendy Christensen

From the movie: Hitch

Does it ever occur to women that maybe a guy might like to have a plan, you know, because he’s nervous? He’s not sure that he could just walk up to you and you’d respond if he said “I like you, I like you, I like you!”.
Will Smith – Hitch

From the movie: Captain America: Civil War

“- Natasha Romanoff: Looking over your shoulder should be second nature.
– Sam Wilson: Anyone ever tell you you’re a little paranoid?
– Natasha Romanoff: Not to my face. Why, did you hear something?”
Scarlett Johansson – Natasha Romanoff
Anthony Mackie – Sam Wilson

From the movie: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

“I’m sorry. I sweat when I get nervous!”

Kate Hudson – Andie Anderson

From the movie: Irrational Man

“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.”
Joaquin Phoenix – Abe

From the movie: Diggstown

“I figured since I was taking all the punches, only fair that you share some of the anxiety.”

Louis Gossett Jr. – Honey’ Roy Palmer

From the movie: Premium Rush

“- Kyle: They say if you snort some Ritalin, it’s a cakewalk!
– Wilee: Sage advice.”
Aaron Tveit – Kyle
Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Wilee

From the movie: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

“- Finn: Okay, stay calm. Stay calm.
– Poe Dameron: I am calm.
– Finn: I was talking to myself.”
John Boyega – Finn

From the movie: The Usual Suspects

“That guy is tense. Tension is a killer.”

Kevin Spacey – Verbal

From the movie: Any Given Sunday

“- Luther ‘Shark’ Lavay: Coach, calm down you’re gonna have a stroke!
– Montezuma Monroe: I don’t get strokes motherfucka! I give them!”
Lawrence Taylor – Luther ‘Shark’ Lavay
Jim Brown – Montezuma Monroe

From the movie: Devil Wears Prada

“She’s not happy unless everyone around her is panicked, nauseous or suicidal.”

Anne Hathaway – Andy Sachs

From the movie: The Hangover Part II

“What’s the matter, you never do blow before? Sometimes your heart stop, it start up again. Read a book.”
Ken Jeong – Mr. Chow

From the movie: The Company Men

“Endings. We’re not used to them. Fear, chaos, anxiety, loss.”
Cady Huffman – Joanna

From the movie: Inception

“You mind telling your subconscious to take it easy?”
Ellen Page – Ariadne

From the movie: Phenomenon

“- Doc Brunder: George, how did you manage to get your pressure to come down?
– George Malley: Oh… I found my pace. Simple thing really. Hard to explain.”
Robert Duvall – Doc Brunder
John Travolta – George Malley

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