13 antiquity quotes, film quotes, movie lines, taglines

From the movie: Ginger Snaps

“- Sam: The ancients thought pure metals purified the blood.
– Brigitte: They thought leeches did, too.
– Sam: They do.”
Kris Lemche – Sam
Emily Perkins – Brigitte

From the movie: Inside Llewyn Davis

“Try something new. I mean something old.”

Oscar Isaac – Llewyn Davis

From the movie: The Mummy

“People don’t realize that London is a giant graveland. A modern city built on centuries of death.”
Sean Cameron Michael – Archaeologist

From the movie: The Pillow Book

“This is a book written a long time ago. It is called ‘The Pillow Book’ and written by a lady who has the same first name as you – Nagiko. When you are twenty-eight years old this book will be exactly a thousand years old. Think of that.”
Hideko Yoshida – The Aunt

From the movie: Jurassic Park III

“That’s the great thing about bones, they never run away.”
Sam Neill – Dr. Alan Grant

From the movie: Super Mario Bros.

“A long long time ago, the Earth was ruled by dinosaurs. They were big, so not a lot of people went around hassling ’em. Actually, no people went around hassling ’em ’cause there weren’t any people yet.”
Dan Castellaneta – Narrator

From the movie: Hudson Hawk

“- Hudson Hawk: What’s with all these stones in people’s backyard?
– Tommy Five-Tone: That is called ruins…”

Bruce Willis – Hudson Hawk
Danny Aiello – Tommy Five-Tone

From the movie: Tess

“- Tess: Did they sacrifice to God here?
– Angel Clare: No. To the Sun, I believe. It was a pagan temple.
– Tess: Older than the ages. Older than the d’Urbervilles.”
Nastassja Kinski – Tess
Peter Firth – Angel Clare

From the movie: Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

“In the words of the ancients, one should make his decision within the space of seven breaths. It is a matter of being determined and having the spirit to break through to the other side.”
Forest Whitaker – Ghost Dog

From the movie: Once Upon a Time in America

“- Noodles: What is it?
– Max: It’s a throne. It was a gift to a pope. It cost me about 800 bucks.
– Carol: It’s from the 17th century.
– Noodles: What are you going to do with it?
– Max: I’m sitting on it.”
Robert De Niro – Noodles
James Woods – Max
Tuesday Weld – Carol

From the movie: The Mummy Returns

“- Evelyn: Alexander the Great sent troops in search of it.
– Rick: Great for him.
– Evelyn: So did Caesar.
– Rick: Yeah, look what happened to his career.
– Evelyn: And Napoleon.
– Rick: Yeah, but we’re smarter than him. And taller, too.
– Evelyn: Exactly. That’s why we’re the ones who are gonna find it.
– Rick: Because we’re taller?”

Rachel Weisz – Evelyn Carnahan
Brendan Fraser – Rick O’Connell

From the movie: The Dream Team

“I fear my doctor may have been seized by the Romans!”
Peter Boyle – Jack McDermott

From the movie: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

“Late 14th Ming Dynasty. Oh it breaks the heart.”

Sir Sean Connery – Professor Henry Jones