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From the movie: Gentleman’s Agreement

“- Tommy Green: What’s anti-semitism?
– Phil Green: Well, uh, that’s when some people don’t like other people just because they’re Jews.
– Tommy Green: Why not? Are Jews bad?
– Phil Green: Well, some are and some aren’t, just like with everyone else.
– Tommy Green: What are Jews, anyway?
– Phil Green: Well, uh, it’s like this. Remember last week…”
Dean Stockwell- Tommy Green
Gregory Peck – Philip Schuyler Green

In: Actors and God & Religion

“The only advantage I have found in being Jewish is that I can be openly anti-Semitic.”
Kirk Douglas

In: Actors and Politics

“Anti-Semitism is not part of my life.”
Tim Blake Nelson

From the movie: Sunshine

“Anti-semitism is a creed of resentful and unsuccessful people. The philosophy of Philistines; it’s in bad taste.”
Rüdiger Vogler – Gen. Jakofalvy

From the movie: Q & A

“He’s a prick. He’s a racist and an anti-Semite and a prick.”

Lee Richardson – Leo Bloomenfeld