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Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. “Yes” is the answer.
Woody Allen

From the movie: Slumdog Millionaire

“When somebody asks me a question, I tell them the answer.”
Dev Patel – Older Jamal

From the movie: White Christmas

“- Major General Thomas F. Waverly: I got along very well in the Army without you.
– Emma Allen: It took 15,000 men to take my place.”
Dean Jagger – Major General Thomas F. Waverly
Mary Wickes – Emma Allen

From the movie: Demolition Man

“- T.V. Reporter: [to John Spartan] How can you justify destroying a $7 million dollar mini mall to rescue a girl whose ransom was only $25,000 dollars?
– Little Girl: Fuck you, lady!
– John Spartan: Ha! Good answer!”
Susan Lentini – T.V. Reporter
Casey Wallace – Little Girl
Sylvester Stallone – John Spartan

From the movie: All About Eve

“- Margo: Birdie, you don’t like Eve, do you?
– Birdie: You looking for an answer or an argument?
– Margo: An answer.
– Birdie: No.
– Margo: Why not?
– Birdie: Now you want an argument.”
Bette Davis – Margo Channing
Thelma Ritter – Birdie Coonan

“Ask the right questions if you’re to find the right answers.”
Vanessa Redgrave

From the movie: X-Men: Dark Phoenix

“- Jean Grey: I came here looking for answers.
– Erik Lehnsherr: You didn’t come here looking for answers. You came here looking for permission.”
Sophie Turner – Jean Grey
Michael Fassbender – Erik Lehnsherr

From the movie: The Battle of Algiers

“The basis of our job is intelligence. The method interrogation. Conducted in such a way as to ensure we always get an answer. In our situation, humane consideration can only lead to despair and confusion. I’m sure all units will understand and act accordingly. Unfortunately, success doesn’t depend only on us.”
Jean Martin – Col. Mathieu

From the movie: Man with the Gun

“- Marshal Lee Sims: You remind me of a hungrylion I once seen pace in a cage in St. Louis.
– Clint Tollinger: I’m hiding out.
– Marshal Lee Sims: You? From what?
– Clint Tollinger: Questions I can’t answer.”
Henry Hull – Marshal Lee Sims
Robert Mitchum – Clint Tollinger

From the movie: Boy Erased

“Study the Bible. Study his word. I guarantee you, every question you have… You gonna find an answer in this book.”

Russell Crowe – Marshall Eamons

From the movie: Pacific Rim: Uprising

– Jake Pentecost: Gottlieb, what does that mean? “In theory”?
– Hermann Gottlieb: Today… it means, “Yes!”.
John Boyega – Jake Pentecost
Burn Gorman – Hermann Gottlieb

From the movie: Fried Green Tomatoes

“Don’t you ever say never to me!”
Mary-Louise Parker – Ruth Jamison

From the movie: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

“- Lunkwill: Do you…
– Deep Thought: Have an answer for you? Yes. But you’re not going to like it.
– Fook: Please tell us. We must know!
– Deep Thought: Okay. The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is…
[wild cheers from audience, then silence]
– Deep Thought: 42.”
Jack Stanley – Lunkwill
Helen Mirren – Deep Thought

From the movie: Blue Streak

“- Deacon: What’s going on?
– Tulley: I never know what’s going on!”
Peter Greene – Deacon
Dave Chappelle – Tulley

From the movie: Dead Silence

“If you go looking for answers, you just might find them.”
Michael Fairman – Henry Walker

From the movie: Pulp Fiction

“If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions.”
Samuel L. Jackson – Jules Winnfield

From the animation: Corpse Bride

“- Victor Van Dort: I want some questions! Now!
– General Bonesapart: Answers… I think you mean answers.
– Victor Van Dort: Thank you, yes, answers. I need answers.”
Johnny Depp – Victor Van Dort
Deep Roy – General Bonesapart

From the movie: Oldboy

“You can’t find the right answer if you ask the wrong questions.”
Ji-tae Yu – Woo-jin Lee

From the movie: The Blue Lagoon

“There’s so many things I don’t understand, like why do the fish stop swimming and lie on top of the tide pools after a heavy rain? Why do you hear the waves inside the big shells? Why are all these funny hairs growing on me? I wish a big book with all the answers to every question in the world would drop out of the sky and land in my hands right…”
Christopher Atkins – Richard Lestrange

From the movie: The Star

“- Angel: Fear not, for you have been favored by God to conceive and bear a son.
– Mary: A… a son? But how?
– Angel: The Holy Spirit will overshadow you, and the child will be called the Son of God, for nothing is impossible with God.
– Mary: Thank you. Do I say thank you? I mean, yes. Let it be done just as you say.”
Joel McCrary – Angel
Gina Rodriguez – Mary

From the movie: The Bourne Supremacy

“I’m gonna ask you some simple questions. You’re gonna tell me the truth or I swear to God I’m gonna kill ya.”
Matt Damon – Jason Bourne

From the movie: Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself

“Why do I gag on my tootbrush but not when I’m performing oral sex on my boyfriend? Well, obviously, the toothbrush is bigger.”

Jeff Dunham – Walter

From the movie: Jackie

“- The Priest: I have lived a blessed life. And yet every night, when I climb into bed, turn off the lights, and stare in to the dark, I wonder… Is this all there is?
– Jackie Kennedy: You wonder?
– The Priest: Every soul on this planet does. But then, when morning comes, we all wake up and make a pot of coffee.
– Jackie Kennedy: Why do we…”
Sir John Hurt – The Priest
Natalie Portman – Jackie Kennedy

From the movie: Fight Club

“We’re a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is really the answer we need.”
Brad Pitt – Tyler Durden

From the movie: The Driver

“- Teeth: I just want to talk. We need you. You’re valuable.
– The Driver: I already gave you an answer.
– Teeth: Well, we don’t like that answer. Be friendly. Do things our way.
– The Driver: Go ahead and pull the trigger.”

Rudy Ramos – Teeth
Ryan O’Neal – The Driver

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