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“Supporting animal rights activists, human rights activists, it’s all the same.”
Daryl Hannah

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“Australia is full of spiders and crocodiles and all kinds of animals that will eat you and sting you.”
Brian Cox

From the movie: Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

“The cub is spoken for, he is one of us! You will treat him as you would your own. As long as I am alive, the pack will stand by the man-cub.”

Peter Mullan – Akela

From the movie: ¡Three Amigos!

“- Lucky Day: Dusty, how do you like your bat?
– Dusty Bottoms: Medium rare.”

Steve Martin – Lucky Day
Chevy Chase – Dusty Bottoms

From the movie: The Dukes of Hazzard

“- Uncle Jesse Duke: What do you get when you cross a donkey with an onion?
– Luke Duke: What?
– Uncle Jesse Duke: A piece of ass that brings a tear to your eye.”
Willie Nelson – Uncle Jesse Duke
Johnny Knoxville – Luke Duke

From the movie: Avatar

“Out there beyond that fence every living thing that crawls, flies, or squats in the mud wants to kill you and eat your eyes for jujubes. We have an indigenous population of humanoids called the Na’vi. They’re fond of arrows dipped in a neurotoxin that will stop your heart in one minute – and they have bones reinforced with naturally occurring…”
Stephen Lang – Col. Quaritch

“Where wolves live, the forest is healthy.”
Lana Turner

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“Animals… don’t have a sense of time.”
Bruce Greenwood

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“I never rode a bull – I’m not that stupid.”
James Caan

From the movie: Lethal Weapon 4

“Froggy was my friend and I really loved him, and I took him everywhere with me, and I was riding on my bike one day and he jumped out of the box, and I ran him over with the back tire. I killed him. I was really heartbroken. Really, he was my best friend in the whole world; the only thing I ever loved.”

Joe Pesci – Leo Getz

From the movie: Bee Movie

“We demand an end to the glorification of the bear as nothing more than a vicious, smelly, ill-tempered, big-headed stink machine. I believe we all know what they do in the woods.”
Jerry Seinfeld – Barry B. Benson

From the movie: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

“I was right in the middle of a fucking reptile zoo, and somebody was giving booze to these goddamn things. Won’t be long now before they tear us to shreds.”
Johnny Depp – Raoul Duke

From the movie: Steel Magnolias

“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.”
Olympia Dukakis – Clairee Belcher

From the movie: Never Cry Wolf

“They’ll come after you, son. Just for the ugly fun of tearing you apart.”

Hugh Webster – Drunk

From the movie: Bait

“A wolf will starve itself to death rather than make a mistake. You have to lay down a scent that smells real from far away. And the bait has to be fresh and untouched by human hands. Make no mistake about it, we are hunting a wolf.”
David Morse – Edgar Clenteen

From the movie: The Jungle Book

“The more I learn what is a man, the more I want to be an animal.”
Jason Scott Lee – Mowgli

From the movie: The Fisher King

“It’s important to think. It’s what separates us from lentils.”
Jeff Bridges – Jack

From the movie: The Jungle Book

“I am not a man! And I am not an animal.”
Jason Scott Lee – Mowgli

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“It always amazes me when people go rent horses and ride them.”
William Lucking

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“My tragedy is that all I want is a dog, and yet I have been cursed with cats all my life.”
Michael Sheen

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“Every time I decide I want a child I get another pet. I have 3 dogs, 13 birds and 3 horses, what does that tell you?”
Alyssa Milano

From the movie: Hacksaw Ridge

“- Sgt Howell: Have you ever roped a goat, Hollywood?
– Hollywood Zane: No, Sarge.
– Sgt Howell: Have you ever looked into a goat’s eyes?
– Hollywood Zane: No, Sarge.
– Sgt Howell: Good. That would be unnatural.”
Vince Vaughn – Sgt Howell
Luke Pegler – Hollywood Zane

From the movie: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Ladies and gentlemen, do you like the pelt? Be honest, because some bitch stopped me on the way in. “What poor and unfortunate creature had to die for you to wear that?”.
John Cameron Mitchell – Hedwig

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“The people who raise animals and train animals for films and television, they’re all very, very professional.”
M. Emmet Walsh

“If I were an animal, I would be an eagle.”
Jamie Foxx

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