Mortal Engines


Movie Info

Title Mortal Engines

Year 2018

Director Christian Rivers

GenreAdventure, Fantasy, Action

Top 8 Quotes of “Mortal Engines” Movie

“He’s afraid. He’s trying to hang on to a way of life that doesn’t exist anymore. Municipal Darwinism. It’s a dying system. Prey has all but gone. Soon, there’ll be nothing left.” Hugo Weaving – Thaddeus Valentine

“- Hester Shaw: So, what happens now?
– Tom Natsworthy: We go where the wind takes us. See the world. What do you say?
– Hester Shaw: I’m coming with you.”

Hera Hilmar – Hester Shaw
Robert Sheehan – Tom Natsworthy

“- Tom Natsworthy: What are they hunting?
– Hester Shaw: Us.”

Robert Sheehan – Tom Natsworthy
Hera Hilmar – Hester Shaw

“- Katherine Valentine: How can a society so advanced, so scientific, be so stupid?
– Tom Natsworthy: Well, no more stupid than people today.”

Leila George – Katherine Valentine
Robert Sheehan – Tom Natsworthy

“You are a dinosaur. And I am the meteor.” Hugo Weaving – Thaddeus Valentine

“Sixty minutes is all it took to bring humanity to the very brink of extinction. Mankind mobilized, a new age arose. The Age of the Great Predator Cities. Survival of the Fastest.”

Colin Salmon – Chudleigh Pomeroy

“I was eight years old when my mother died. She loved traveling the world and digging up the past. He used to visit all the time, and then one day everything changed. She’d found something, something he wanted.”

Hera Hilmar – Hester Shaw

“- Shrike: I can remake you, just as I was remade.
– Hester Shaw: You’re going to kill me?
– Shrike: For a little while.”

Stephen Lang – Shrike
Hera Hilmar – Hester Shaw