Morning Star


Movie Info

Title: Morning Star

Year: 1991

Genre: History, Biography, Western

Top 8 Quotes of “Morning Star” Movie

“They call it the Fetterman massacre, after the officer who swore that with 80 men he could wipe out the entire Sioux nation. It was no massacre. Them soldiers were stupid, and they rode to their deaths.”

Buffy Sainte-Marie – Kate Bighead

“- Libby Custer: Let me know what the women are wearing.
– George Armstrong Custer: I’ll study them carefully.
– Libby Custer: Don’t you dare.”

Rosanna Arquette – Libby Custer
Gary Cole – George Armstrong Custer

We Cheyenne called him “Hi-Es-Tsie”, Long Hair. The Arikara called him “Creeping Panther”, who comes in the night. The Crow called him “Son of the Morning Star”, who attacks at dawn. I remember him. I saw him die.

Buffy Sainte-Marie – Kate Bighead

“I didn’t marry you for me to sleep in one bed and you in another.” Gary Cole – George Armstrong Custer

“You tell him this very directly: Survival is victory, Chief Red Cloud. You can’t stop us now. You can only survive among us.” Stanley Anderson – Ulysses S. Grant

“Anger was our best weapon that day.” Buffy Sainte-Marie – Kate Bighead

“They scattered. They scattered! Give me a civilized war! An enemy I can find and beat! An enemy who fights by the rules!” Gary Cole – George Armstrong Custer

“One does not sell the land upon which all living creatures walk.” Buffy Sainte-Marie – Kate Bighead