Plot – Sixteen-year-old Ozzie Paxton is a computer nerd able to crack any code. One morning his stepmother tells him to accompany his sister to the private Shady Glen School, which he was expelled from for misconduct. Once there, Ozzie cannot resist the temptation to organize one last trick. This time, unfortunately, his prank gets him caught in the midst of a plan concocted by a gang of criminals who intend to kidnap Shady Glen’s wealthiest students and ask for their ransom. The kidnappers are led by Ralph Bentley, former head of the school’s security service. Ozzie is in the hands of the kidnappers, the gate is closed, the lawn is full of mines and the police do not know what to do. Bentley disarms the school’s security system and locks the students in an electrified courtyard. In this situation Ozzie must draw on all his knowledge of computer systems and the school’s secret passages. The boy now puts into practice the same kind of intelligence war that he has been practicing for years while playing on the computer. Success means life for all his peers.

Movie Info

Title Masterminds

Year 1997

Director Roger Christian


Top 4 Quotes of “Masterminds” Movie

“I’m not a violent man but I really do think I’m going to have to kill someone here.”
Sir Patrick Stewart – Bentley

“- Principal Maloney: What is going on? Raif, do something!
– Bentley: I am, Claire. I’m taking over your school.”
Brenda Fricker – Principal Maloney
Sir Patrick Stewart – Bentley

“- Principal Maloney: Why would you do such a thing?
– Bentley: Why does anyone do anything in this country, Claire? Money.”

Brenda Fricker – Principal Maloney
Sir Patrick Stewart – Bentley

“Now children, you may see men walking around the halls with machine guns, but really you need not worry. They’re just pretending.”

Sir Patrick Stewart – Bentley