Jules and Jim


Movie Info

Title Jules and Jim

Original title Jules et Jim

Year 1962

Director François Truffaut


Top 5 Quotes of “Jules and Jim” Movie

“Catherine’s maxim is: At least one party in a relationship must be faithful. The other party.”
Oskar Werner – Jules

“Catherine, the French girl, had the smile of the statue on the island. Her nose, mouth, chin and forehead, bore the nobility of a province she personified as a child in a religious celebration.”
Michel Subor – Récitant

“- Jules: Either it’s raining or I’m dreaming.
– Jim, Catherine: Or both.”
Oskar Werner – Jules
Henri Serre – Jim
Jeanne Moreau – Catherine

“- Jules: Catherine never does anything halfway. She’s an irresistible force that can’t be stopped. Her harmony is never shaken because… she knows she is always innocent.
– Jim: You speak of her as if she was a queen.
– Jules: She is a queen. Let me be frank. She’s not especially beautiful or intelligent or sincere… but she is a real woman….”
Oskar Werner – Jules
Henri Serre – Jim

You said, “I love you.” I said, “Wait.” I was about to say, “Take me.” You said, “Go away.”
Jeanne Moreau – Catherine