It Chapter Two


Movie Info

Title It Chapter Two

Year 2019

Director Andy Muschietti


Top 6 Quotes of “It Chapter Two” Movie

“There aren’t any such things as good friends or bad friends. Maybe there are just friends, people who stand by you when you’re hurt and who help you not feel so lonely.”
James McAvoy – Bill Denbrough

“Be who you want to be. Be proud. And if you find someone worth holding on to, never, ever, let them go. Follow your own path, wherever that takes you.”
Andy Bean – Stanley Uris

“See, the thing about being a loser is, you don’t have anything to lose. So, be true. Be brave. Stand. Believe. And don’t ever forget, we’re losers, and we always will be.”
James McAvoy – Bill Denbrough

“The good stuff? The pictures in our mind that fade away the fastest? Those pieces of you it feels the easiest to lose.”
Wyatt Oleff – Young Stanley Uris

“Something happens to you when you leave this town. The farther away, the hazier it all gets. But me, I never left. I remember all of it.”
Isaiah Mustafa – Mike Hanlon

“- Richie Tozier: Who killed a psychotic clown before he was fourteen?
– Eddie Kaspbrak: Me.
– Richie Tozier: Who stabbed Bowers with a knife he pulled out of his own face?
– Eddie Kaspbrak: Also me.
– Richie Tozier: Who married a woman ten times his own body mass?
– Eddie Kaspbrak: Me.
– Richie Tozier: Yeah. You’re braver than you think.”
Bill Hader – Richie Tozier

James Ransone – Eddie Kaspbrak