In A Lonely Place


Plot – Dixon Steele is a Hollywood screenwriter, gifted but with a violent and irascible personality. He’s involved in the murder of a wardrobe mistress: as he is the last person she has met before dying, the police suspects him because of his character, but his neighbor actress Laurel testifies in his favor. The friendship between Dixon and Laurel becomes love, but she isn’t completely sure of his innocence and their relationship falls into a crisis. In order to reconcile the two lovers, it won’t be enough to discover the real culprit is the boyfriend of the victim.

Movie Info

Title In A Lonely Place

Original title In a Lonely Place

Year 1950

Director Nicholas Ray


Top 16 Quotes of “In A Lonely Place” Movie

“Remember, Angel, in the beginning was the land. Motion pictures came later.”
Ruth Gillette – Martha

“It’s much easier to get people’s names into the papers than to keep them out.”
Art Smith – Mel Lippman

“I’ve had a lot of experience in matters of this kind. I’ve killed dozens of people… in pictures.”
Humphrey Bogart – Dixon Steele

“- Laurel Gray: Why can’t he be like other people?
– Mel Lippmann: Like other people – would you have liked him? You knew he was dynamite – he has to explode sometimes! Years ago, I tried to make him go and see a psychiatrist. I thought he’d kill me! Always violent. Well it’s as much a part of him as the color of his eyes, the shape of his head….”
Gloria Grahame – Laurel Gray

Art Smith – Mel Lippman

“- 2nd Hatcheck Girl: Mr. Waterman, you forgot to change your costume.
– Charlie Waterman: This is not a costume, ignorant wench, it’s the formal attire of a gentleman.”
Pat Barton – Second Hat Check Girl

Robert Warwick – Charlie Waterman

“- Dixon Steele: You annoy me!
– Laurel Gray: If I do, it isn’t intentional.”
Humphrey Bogart – Dixon Steele

Gloria Grahame – Laurel Gray

“- Brub Nicolai: You know, I got married.
– Dixon Steele: Why?
– Brub Nicolai: Oh, I don’t know. I guess she had a couple of bucks to spare.”
Frank Lovejoy – Brub Nicolai

Humphrey Bogart – Dixon Steele

“- Dixon Steele: Oh, I love a picnic. Acres and acres of sand and all of it in your food.
– Laurel Gray: Stop griping. Just lie still and inhale.
– Dixon Steele: What, sand?
– Laurel Gray: No, air – and don’t let it go to your head.”
Humphrey Bogart – Dixon Steele

Gloria Grahame – Laurel Gray

“- Frances Randolph: Do you look down on all women or just the ones you know?
– Dixon Steele: I was pretty nice to you.
– Frances Randolph: No, not to me. But you were pretty nice.”
Alix Talton – Frances Randolph

Humphrey Bogart – Dixon Steele

“I grant you, the jokes could’ve been better, but I don’t see why the rest should worry you – that is, unless you plan to arrest me on lack of emotion.”

Humphrey Bogart – Dixon Steele

“- Laurel Gray: I love the love scene – it’s very good.
– Dixon Steele: Well that’s because they’re not always telling each other how much in love they are. A good love scene should be about something else besides love. For instance, this one. Me fixing grapefruit. You sitting over there, dopey, half-asleep. Anyone looking at us could tell we’re…”

Gloria Grahame – Laurel Gray

Humphrey Bogart – Dixon Steele

“- Capt. Lochner: Why didn’t you call for a cab? Isn’t that what a gentleman usually does under the circumstances?
– Dixon Steele: Oh I didn’t say I was a gentleman. I said I was tired.”
Carl Benton Reid – Capt. Lochner

Humphrey Bogart – Dixon Steele

“- Mildred Atkinson: Before I started to go to work at Paul’s, I used to think that actors made up their own lines.
– Dixon Steele: When they get to be big stars, they usually do.”
Martha Stewart – Mildred Atkinson

Humphrey Bogart – Dixon Steele

“- Dixon Steele: Go ahead and get some sleep and we’ll have dinner together tonight.
– Laurel Gray: We’ll have dinner tonight. But not together.”
Humphrey Bogart – Dixon Steele

Gloria Grahame – Laurel Gray

“I was born when she kissed me. I died when she left me. I lived a few weeks while she loved me.”

Humphrey Bogart – Dixon Steele

“There’s no sacrifice too great for a chance at immortality.”
Humphrey Bogart – Dixon Steele