Imitation of Life


Plot – Lora Meredith is a widow and lives with her child Susy. Despite the financial straits, she welcomes a black woman, Emy Johnson, and her little girl, Sarah Jane. Lora wants to be a theater actress and Steve, a young unemployed photographer, falls in love with her and proposes. A playwright gives Lora a role and she begins a successful career, while Emy stays at home. Sara Jane’s skin is almost white and she doesn’t like to be considered a black girl. She finds refuge in an unreal world, while Lora begins to suffer from loneliness and Susy feels neglected too.

Movie Info

Title Imitation of Life

Year 1959

Director Douglas Sirk


Top 5 Quotes of “Imitation of Life” Movie

“I’m going up and up and up – and nobody’s going to pull me down!”
Lana Turner – Lora Meredith

“- Lora Meredith: You’re aiming high.
– Steve: Why not? It doesn’t cost anymore. Don’t you believe in chasing rainbows?”
Lana Turner – Lora Meredith

John Gavin – Steve Archer

“- Steve: Your bones…
– Lora Meredith: What about my bones?
– Steve: They’re perfect. My camera could easily have a love affair with you.”
John Gavin – Steve Archer

Lana Turner – Lora Meredith

“- Lora Meredith: It never occurred to me that you had many friends. You never have any visit you.
– Annie: I know lots of people. Oh, hundreds.
– Lora Meredith: Really?
– Annie: I belong to the Baptist church. And I belong to several lodges too.
– Lora Meredith: I didn’t know.
– Annie: Miss Lora, you never asked.”
Lana Turner – Lora Meredith

Juanita Moore – Annie Johnson

“- Lora Meredith: Now, just a moment, young lady! It’s only because of my ambition that you’ve had the best of everything. And that’s a solid achievement that any mother can be proud of!
– Susie, age 16: And how about a mother’s love?
– Lora Meredith: Love? But you’ve always had that!
– Susie, age 16: Yes, by telephone, by postcard, by magazine…”
Lana Turner – Lora Meredith

Sandra Dee – Susie – 16