House of Wax


Plot – A group of guys is stranded in the wood and looks for a mechanic in the nearby. They arrive in a weird town where there’s a cinema, a service station, a ‘pet shop’ and a church. Down the main street, the wax museum Trudy stands over the village. While the streets are deserted, someone looks at them behind a window.

Movie Info

Title House of Wax

Year 2005

Director Jaume Collet-Serra


Top 8 Quotes of “House of Wax” Movie

“- Carly Jones: I don’t believe this. You steal a car and it’s my fault. You evade arrest and it’s the cops’ fault…
– Nick Jones: One of ’em took a swing at me.
– Carly Jones: You get kicked out of the house, it’s Mom and Dad’s fault. You lose your football scholarship and it’s the coach’s fault! You can’t keep a job for more than two weeks…”
Elisha Cuthbert – Carly Jones
Chad Michael Murray – Nick

“Hey, town’s looking real good. We almost finished what Ma started. Those two are good, they’ll fit perfectly. What I tell ya, huh? Ain’t your work more real now? Ma would be proud, yeah, she’d be real proud. She always said your talent would make up for what God took away from you.”

Brian Van Holt – Bo

“You’re saying that that’s a real person… underneath?”

Chad Michael Murray – Nick

“- Blake: He looks like Elton John, only more gay.
– Dalton Chapman: Elton John is gay?”

Robert Ri’chard – Blake
Jon Abrahams – Dalton

“- Carly Jones: This Vincent guy is quite the artist.
– Wade: Yeah. I think this Vincent guy needs therapy.”
Elisha Cuthbert – Carly Jones
Jared Padalecki – Wade

“Grow up. You are so afraid to take things seriously.”

Elisha Cuthbert – Carly Jones

“Are you two gonna have sex with each other? ‘Cause me and Paige are.”

Robert Ri’chard – Blake

“I’m sorry mama, some people just have no respect.”
Brian Van Holt – Bo