Plot – Hercules,half man half god,is kidnapped by Hades and sent to Earth to prove he has the right to live in the Olympus. Hercules will face twelve trials and will understand how is difficult to live with his humanity by one side and with his immortality by the other. He’s helped by Pegasus,the winged horse,and he’s seduced by Megara,a femme fatale called ‘Meg’.

Movie Info

Title Hercules

Year 1997

Director s Ron Clements,John Musker

Genre Musical, Romance, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Animation

Top 33 Quotes of “Hercules” Movie

“- Zeus: So, Hades, you finally made it. How are things in the underworld?
– Hades: Well, they’re just fine. You know, a little dark, a little gloomy. And, as always, hey, full of dead people. What are you gonna do?”

Rip Torn – Zeus
James Woods – Hades

“- Hades: Brothers! Titans! Look at you in your squalid prison! Who put you down there?
– Titans: Zeus!
– Hades: And now that I set you free, what is the first thing you are going to do?
– Titans: Destroy him!”

James Woods – Hades
Corey Burton – Titans

“I got a feeling you’re gonna leap at my new offer. You give me the key to bringing down Wonder Breath, and I give you the thing that you crave most in the entire cosmos: your freedom.” James Woods – Hades

“You might feel just a little queasy. It’s kinda natural. Maybe you should… sit down! Now you know how it feels to be like everyone else. Isn’t it just peachy?” James Woods – Hades

“You sold your soul to me, to save your boyfriend’s life. And how does this creep thank you? By running off with some babe. He hurt you real bad, didn’t he, Meg?” James Woods – Hades

“- Hades: Pain. Panic. Got a little riddle for you. How do you kill a god?
– Pain: I do not… know.
– Panic: You can’t… they’re immortal?
– Hades: Bingo, they’re immortal. So the first thing we gotta do is make the little sunspot… mortal.” James Woods – Hades
Bobcat Goldthwait – Pain
Matt Frewer – Panic

“- Hercules: Meg, why did you… You didn’t have to…
– Meg: People do crazy things… when they’re in love.” Tate Donovan – Hercules
Susan Egan – Meg

“He’s gotta have a weakness, because everybody’s got a weakness. I mean, for Pandora, it was the box thing. And for the Trojans, hey, they bet on the wrong horse, okay? All we have to do is find out Wonder Boy’s weakness.” James Woods – Hades

“I know what I did was wrong, but this isn’t about me, it’s about him. If you don’t help him now, Phil, he’ll die.” Susan Egan – Meg

“- Hercules: You like making deals. Take me in Meg’s place.
– Hades: The son of my hated rival trapped forever in a river of death.”

Tate Donovan – Hercules
James Woods – Hades

“- Phil: Kid, listen to me. She’s…
– Hercules: A dream come true?
– Phil: Not exactly.
– Hercules: More beautiful than Aphrodite?
– Phil: Aside from that.
– Hercules: The most wonderful…
– Phil: She’s a fraud! She’s been playing you for a sap!” Danny DeVito – Phil
Tate Donovan – Hercules

“I trained all those would-be heroes. Odysseus, Perseus, Theseus. Alotayusses! And every one of those bums let me down flatter than a discus. None of them could go the distance. And then, there was Achilles. Now there was a guy who had it all: the build, the foot-speed. He could jab! He could take a hit! He could keep on coming! But that…” Danny DeVito – Phil

“- Zeus: Hold on, kiddo. What’s your hurry? After all these years, is that the kind of hello you give your father?
– Young Hercules: Father?
– Zeus: Didn’t know you had a famous father, did you? Surprise!”

Rip Torn – Zeus
Roger Bart – Young Hercules

“- Hercules: Aren’t you… a damsel in distress?
– Meg: I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.”

Tate Donovan – Hercules
Susan Egan – Meg

– Hercules: So how’d you get stuck with the…
– Meg: Pinhead with hooves? Well, you know how men are. They think “No” means “Yes” and “Get lost” means “Take me, I’m yours”.

Tate Donovan – Hercules
Susan Egan – Meg

“- Hera, Hercules’ Mother: You were willing to give your life to rescue this young woman.
– Zeus: For a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” Samantha Eggar – Hera, Hercules’ Mother
Rip Torn – Zeus

“No kid, giving up is for rookies. I came back because I’m not quitting on you. I’m willing to go the distance. How about you?” Danny DeVito – Phil

“Fabulous party. You know, I haven’t seen this much love in a room since Narcissus discovered himself.”

Paul Shaffer – Hermes; the Messenger God

“- Panic: He’s not gonna be happy when he gets out of there.
– Pain: You mean, if he gets outta there.
– Panic: If… If is good.” Matt Frewer – Panic
Bobcat Goldthwait – Pain

“Father, this is the moment I’ve always dreamed of. But a life without Meg, even an immortal life, would be… empty. I wish to stay on Earth with her. I finally know where I belong.” Tate Donovan – Hercules

“You get her out. She goes, you stay.
[after Hercules dives in to save Meg]
Oh, you know what slipped my mind? You’ll be dead before you can get to her. That’s not a problem, is it?” James Woods – Hades

I had a dream once. I dreamed I would train the greatest hero there ever was. So great, the gods would hang a picture of him in the stars for everyone to see. And everyone would say: “That’s Phil’s boy”. That’s right… ah, but dreams are for rookies. A guy can only take so much disappointment. Danny DeVito – Phil

“One town, a million troubles. The one and only Thebes. The Big Olive itself. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” Danny DeVito – Phil

“- Meg: Phil! Phil, Hercules needs your help.
– Phil: What does he need me for when he’s got friends like you?
– Meg: He won’t listen to me.
– Phil: Good! He’s finally learned something.”

Susan Egan – Meg
Danny DeVito – Phil

“- Zeus: Aw, Hades, don’t be such a stiff. Join the celebration.
– Hades: Love to, babe. But unlike you gods lounging about up here, I regretfully have a full-time job that you, by the way, so charitably bestowed on me, Zeus. So, can’t. Love to, but can’t.” Rip Torn – Zeus
James Woods – Hades

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