Helen of Troy

Plot – Paris,son of Priam and Hecuba of Troy,has to decide who is the most beautiful goddess between Hera,Athena and Aphrodite. He chooses the last one and Aphrodite promises him Helen as a gift,who’s the most beautiful woman in the world indeed,but Helena is already married to Menelaus,the Spartan king. To get back his wife,Menelaus starts a war against Troy.

Movie Info

Title: Helen of Troy

Year: 2003

Genre: Drama, Romance, Adventure, Action

Top 6 Quotes of “Helen of Troy” Movie

“- Theseus: The most beautiful girl in the world is here in Sparta.
– Pirithous: She’s just a child!
– Theseus: I’ll ripen her like grapes; I’ll age her like wine. When she ages just enough, I’ll taste her.”

Stellan Skarsgård – Theseus
Jim Carter – Pirithous

“Loving me kills people, destroys families, causes such grief you cannot imagine!”

Sienna Guillory – Helen

“- Theseus: Someday, some place, you’ll find someone better, someone worthy. When you do, neither the gods will nor the Earth’s turning will keep you from him.
– Helen: That’s how I feel about you.
– Theseus: Well, Helen, this is only a kind of practice. Someday you’ll know the difference.”

Stellan Skarsgård – Theseus
Sienna Guillory – Helen

“- Hector: Now he’s talking war against Troy.
– Paris: Why?
– Hector: Because we control access to the silks and spices of Byzantine.
– Paris: I can’t believe people go to war over nutmeg.
– Hector: Well, they do, Paris, and you’d better get used to it.”

Daniel Lapaine – Hector
Matthew Marsden – Paris

“The weight of a crown has made my brother wise beyond my expertise.”

Rufus Sewell – Agamemnon

“War is waged by nations, but it is human beings who pay the price.”

James Callis – Menelaus