Happy Feet

Plot – In the great nation of the emperor penguins,everyone can sing but Mambo,which is very off-key and gets marginalized by the other penguins. Its gift however is tap dancing,but its father Memphis thinks dancing doesn’t belong to penguins’ skills. Noah the Elder considers Mambo dangerous indeed to the others and expels Mambo from the community. It will encounter a cute group of penguins led by Ramon while traveling around.

Movie Info

Title Happy Feet

Year 2006

Director s George Miller,Warren Coleman,Judy Morris

Genre Comedy, Music, Family, Animation

Top 6 Quotes of “Happy Feet” Movie

“- Miss Viola:My dears, it’s not something I can actually teach you. Does anybody know why? Anyone? Anyone?
– Baby Gloria: You can’t teach it to us, ma’am, because we have to find out heart songs all by ourselves.
– Miss Viola: Well done, you.
– Baby Gloria: It’s the voice you hear inside, who you truly are.”

Magda Szubanski – Miss Viola
Alyssa Shafer – Baby Gloria

“Ladies, please avert your eyes… ’cause I’ve been known to hypnotize.”

Robin Williams – Lovelace

– Memphis: The word triumph starts with “try” and ends with…?
– Baby Mumble: umph?
– Memphis: That’s right, a great big umph!

Hugh Jackman – Memphis
Elizabeth Daily – Baby Mumble

“Just a moment. I hear people wanting something… me!”

Robin Williams – Ramon

“- Raul: What you huggin me for?
– Ramón: He told me to.
– Raul: Get away.
– Ramón: No, you like it!”

Lombardo Boyar – Raul
Robin Williams – Ramon

“- Lombardo: How do you win the heart of the ladies?
– Mumble: We sing.”

Johnny A. Sanchez – Lombardo
Elijah Wood – Mumble
Lombardo Boyar – Raul