Plot – Jack Dawn, ambiguous member of a powerful Mafia organization, not only has talked too much, but has also written all the important information in a memoir. Sure of the impending showdown, he decides to rescue his son Phil, to whom he entrusts his diary, and leaves him in the care of Gloria Swenson, a friend and neighbor of Mrs. Jerl Dawn. While Gloria, taken by surprise, is hiding the child in her own apartment, the gangsters break into the Dawns’ house and massacre Phil’s parents, his grandmother and his sister Joan. Gloria, a former showgirl and now a friend of mafia boss Tony Tanzini, is immediately in great difficulty: she is not liked by Phil who, for her part, she considers cumbersome and annoying. She knows that as long as she stays in New York she is in constant danger of being shot by the gang, which she has personal ties with. Nevertheless, keeping faith with her friend Jerl Dawn, she tries to rescue herself and Phil.

Movie Info

Title Gloria

Year 1980

Director John Cassavetes


Top 5 Quotes of “Gloria” Movie

“- Phil Dawn: I’m not going with you.
– Gloria Swenson: Hey; I got no time to play games with you, kid.
– Phil Dawn: I am the man. I am the man. I am the man, do you hear me? I am the man! I am the man! Not you, you’re not the man! Do you hear me? I’ll do anything I can. I am the man!”
John Adames – Phil Dawn
Gena Rowlands – Gloria Swenson

“- Gloria Swenson: In exactly twenty seconds I’m going to startshooting through that door, so get down on your stomachs!
– Phil Dawn: Gloria, what are you doing?
– Gloria Swenson: I’m saving your life, stupid.”
Gena Rowlands – Gloria Swenson
John Adames – Phil Dawn

“- Gloria Swenson: If I’m gonna get you out of here, I gotta have your help.
– Phil Dawn: How can I help you?
– Gloria Swenson: They’re gonna kill us, you little jackass… I don’t wanna die!”
Gena Rowlands – Gloria Swenson
John Adames – Phil Dawn

“You let a woman beat you, huh?”

Gena Rowlands – Gloria Swenson

“You’re my mother. You’re my father. You’re my mother. You’re my whole family. You’re even my friend, Gloria. You’re my girlfriend too.”
John Adames – Phil Dawn