Fever Pitch


Movie Info

Title Fever Pitch

Year 1997

Director David Evans


Top 6 Quotes of “Fever Pitch” Movie

– Sarah Hughes: Paul, it’s only a game!
– Paul Ashworth: Don’t say that! Please! That is the worst, most stupid thing anyone could say! ‘Cause it quite clearly isn’t “only a game”. I mean, if it was do you honestly think I’d care this much?
Ruth Gemmell – Sarah Hughes
Colin Firth – Paul Ashworth

Why is it that adults aren’t supposed to go mad about anything? You got to keep a lid on it. And if you don’t then people are apparently entitled to say what they like. “You haven’t grown up. You’re a moron. Your conversation is trivial and boorish. You can’t express your emotional needs. You can’t relate to your children”. And you die, lonely…
Colin Firth – Paul Ashworth

“- Paul Ashworth: Leave it up to Arsenal to score one goal when they need two.
– Steve: You want them to score the second goal before they score the first?”
Colin Firth – Paul Ashworth
Mark Strong – Steve

“- Paul’s Dad: We don’t have to go to Arsenal every time I’m in London, do we? I thought we’d be beyond that stage now.
– Young Paul: We’ll never be beyond that stage.”
Neil Pearson – Paul’s Dad
Luke Aikman – Young Paul

“There isn’t anything that I’ve wanted for eighteen years, ’cause I was a kid eighteen years ago. And if I did still want the same things I’d think I’d gone wrong somewhere, because actually I don’t want to marry David Cassidy, I don’t want bigger tits, I don’t want to do better on my mock-Os. I’ve stopped worrying about that kind of thing and…”

Ruth Gemmell – Sarah Hughes

“Maybe there’s a big bit of you that’s gone missing somewhere, maybe everyone should want something they’ve always wanted.”

Colin Firth – Paul Ashworth