Employee of the Month


Plot – David Walsh has a perfect life, a good job in the bank, a nice house, a luxurious car and a charming girlfriend. He’s expecting to be named “Best Employee of the Month”, instead he’s fired. His girlfriend discovers he has a relationship with a colleague and someone steals his car. The next day, his bank is robbed and David is taken hostage. This is just the beginning.

Movie Info

Title Employee of the Month

Year 2004

Director Mitch Rouse


Top 6 Quotes of “Employee of the Month” Movie

“If America is the great melting pot, then L.A. public transportation is the gooey shit baked on the bottom.”
Matt Dillon – David Walsh

“Everything I am is an illusion.”
Matt Dillon – David Walsh

“- David Walsh: Tell me the world is a fair place.
– Mr. Gartin: It’s not, and try to remember that while your ass bleeds as you’re being passed from nigger to wop in the showers at San Quinton.”

Matt Dillon – David Walsh
Peter Jason – Bill Gartin

“My grandfather built this bank on sweat and steel, not bullshit and nepotism. He put the bank first, and so I do too.”
Peter Jason – Bill Gartin

“- Jack: Betting money on terminal cases? Even Manson would call bullshit on this freak show! Get out of here! God!
– Dorff: Free country! Love it or leave it!”
Steve Zahn – Jack
Jay Leggett – Dorff

“- David Walsh: You know this review process, it’s… you have. I bet it’s illegal. I could sue you.
– Bill Gartin: Go ahead. You’ll lose, because the best lawyer wins, and mine are the best. They’re Ivy League assholes, and they’d wrap a lamp cord around a new born baby’s neck rather than lose to a schmuck like you.”
Matt Dillon – David Walsh
Peter Jason – Bill Gartin