Movie Info

Title Drive

Year 2011

Director Nicolas Winding Refn


Top 11 Quotes of “Drive” Movie

“- Bernie Rose: What do you got that the big professional race teams don’t?
– Shannon: I got the driver.
– Bernie Rose: You just told me they had half a dozen drivers.
– Shannon: Not like this. This kid is special. I’ve been working with him for a while. I’ve never seen anything like it. If I had the money, I’d back him myself.”

“We conclude our deal. We’ll shake hands. You start the rest of your life. Any dreams you have, or plans, or hopes for your future… I think you’re going to have to put that on hold. For the rest of your life you’re going to be looking over your shoulder. I’m just telling you this because I want you to know the truth.”

Albert Brooks – Bernie Rose

“Can I talk to you? I won’t keep you long. I have to go somewhere and I don’t think I can come back. But I just wanted you to know that getting to be around you and Benicio was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Ryan Gosling – Driver

“- Bernie Rose: Nice to meet you.
– Driver: My hands are a little dirty.
– Bernie Rose: So are mine.”

“A lot of guys mess around with married women, but you’re the only one I know who robs a joint just to pay back the husband. Crazy.”

Bryan Cranston – Shannon

“- Nino: Fuck you eating chink food in my fucking restaurant?
– Bernie Rose: What’s a Jew doing running a pizzeria?”
Ronald Francis Perlman – Nino
Albert Brooks – Bernie Rose

“- Shannon: He walked into my shophere about five or six years ago. Right out of the blue. Asking for a job. So I put him to the test to see what he could do. The kid’s amazing.
– Irene: Yeah.
– Shannon: So I hired him on the spot.”

“- Standard: Do you want to hear how mommy and me met?
– Benicio: Yeah.
– Standard: Yeah? Okay. We were at a party. And she was nineteen-years-old.
– Irene: Seventeen.
– Standard: You weren’t seventeen.
– Irene: I was.
– Standard: Wow. So it was illegal.”
Oscar Isaac – Standard
Kaden Leos – Benicio
Carey Mulligan – Irene

“You just got a little boy’s father killed. And you almost got us killed. And now you’re lying to me. So how about this? From now on, every word out of your mouth is the truth. Or I’m going to hurt you.”

Ryan Gosling – Driver

“- Irene: What do you do?
– Driver: I drive.
– Irene: Like a limo driver?
– Driver: No, like, for movies.
– Irene: Oh. You mean all the car chases and stuff?
– Driver: Yeah.
– Irene: Isn’t that dangerous?”
Carey Mulligan – Irene
Ryan Gosling – Driver

“- Driver: There’s a hundred-thousand streets in this city. You don’t need to know the route. You give me a time and a place, I give you a five minute window. Anything happens in that five minutes and I’m yours. No matter what. Anything happens a minute either side of that and you’re on your own. I don’t sit in while you’re running it down. I…”
Ryan Gosling – Driver
James Biberi – Cook