Dolemite Is My Name


Movie Info

Title Dolemite Is My Name

Year 2019

Director Craig Brewer


Top 5 Quotes of “Dolemite Is My Name” Movie

“Dolemite is my name, and fuckin’ up motherfuckers is my game!”
Eddie Murphy – Rudy

“I ain’t lying, man, people love me. Hey, if you play this song, I guarantee motherfuckers’ll start hopping and squirming. When I used to play this record live, motherfuckers would actually faint. They would faint on the floor.”
Eddie Murphy – Rudy

“I’m like Muhammad Ali. We’re getting ready to shock the worlds. I got to be totally outrageous.”
Eddie Murphy – Rudy

“You know what they say brother – luck is where opportunity meets preparation.”
Eddie Murphy – Rudy

– Rudy Ray Moore: I’m going to bet on myself. Ain’t nobody going to put me on the screen except for me, and everybody I talk to say they want to see a “Dolemite” movie.
– Julius Bihari: Well, we understand. You’re not supposed to make a movie for the five square blocks of people you know.
– Rudy Ray Moore: Well… that’s fine with me. ‘Cause…

Eddie Murphy – Rudy
Ivo Nandi – Julius Bihari