Movie Info

Title Deadwood

Year 2019

Director Daniel Minahan


Top 5 Quotes of “Deadwood” Movie

“- George Hearst: You are a vile creature.
– E.B. Farnum: Nor are you first to say so.”
Gerald McRaney – George Hearst
William Sanderson – E.B. Farnum

“It’s a sad night. Something’s afire. Christ, I do have feelings.”
Ian McShane – Al Swearengen

“We’re all of us haunted by our own fucking thoughts. So make friends with the ghost, it ain’t going fuckin’ anywhere.”
Ian McShane – Al Swearengen

“Any soul on the grounds bearing mortal likeness to a walrus, raise up your right hand or whistle.”
Robin Weigert – Calamity Jane

“All bleeding stops eventually.”
Brad Dourif – Doc Cochran