Cries & Whispers


Plot – In a villa situated in a park in the outskirts of Stockholm, the 40-year-old Agnes, assisted by her sisters Karin and Maria, is dying of cancer. Karin, who is married with an older man, is a merciless woman that hates others and despise any type of physical contact. Maria, on the other hand, is younger, extrovert but worried only about herself and her beauty. The housekeeper, Anna, is the only one that can really understand what Agnes is going through, because she has lost a daughter. After Agnes has died, Karin and Maria try to communicate, but they end up not seeing each other forever.

Movie Info

Title Cries & Whispers

Original title Viskningar och rop

Year 1972

Director Ingmar Bergman


Top 7 Quotes of “Cries & Whispers” Movie

“- Agnes: Can’t anyone help me?
– Anna: It’s just a dream, Agnes.
– Agnes: No, it’s not a dream. Perhaps it’s a dream for you, but not for me.”
Harriet Andersson – Agnes
Kari Sylwan – Anna

“Nothing but a web of lies. Every bit of it. A web of lies.”
Ingrid Thulin – Karin

“Agnes, my dear child, listen to what I tell you now. Pray for those of us left behind on this dark and miserable earth beneath a cruel and empty sky. Lay your suffering at God’s feet and plead with him to pardon us. Plead with him to free us of our anxiety, our weariness, and our deepest doubts. Plead with him to give meaning to our lives.”
Anders Ek – Isak

“It’s true. I’ve – often thought – of taking my own life. It’s… it’s disgusting. It’s degrading – and – it never ever changes.”
Ingrid Thulin – Karin

“The funeral was tolerable. No one wept or grew hysterical.”
Georg Årlin – Fredrik

“- David: Come here, Marie. Come. Look in the mirror. You’re beautiful. Perhaps even more than when we were together. But you’ve changed and I want you to see how. Now your eyes cast quick, calculating, side glances. You used to look ahead straightforwardly, openly, without disguise. Your mouth has a slightly hungry, dissatisfied expression. It…”
Erland Josephson – David
Liv Ullmann – Maria

“- Maria: I think you’re joking with me. I know where you see it.
– David: Where?
– Maria: In yourself. Because you and I are so alike.
– David: You mean in our selfishness, coldness and indifference?”

Liv Ullmann – Maria
Erland Josephson – David