Cold Porsuit


Plot – Nels, a quiet family man who drives a snowplow for a living, is the heart of a little tourist town in the Rocky Mountains, as he keeps the roads clear of snow on winter days. Nels and his wife live in a cozy cabin away from tourists, and the city has just recently awarded him citizen of the year. Nels, however, must kiss his quite life goodbye when he finds out that his son has been killed by a powerful drug dealer. With nothing much to lose, the unlikely hero will be fueled by a strong desire for revenge.

Movie Info

Title Cold Porsuit

Original title Cold Pursuit

Year 2019

Director Hans Petter Moland


Top 7 Quotes of “Cold Porsuit” Movie

“- Smoke: We need rooms tonight.
– Resort Clerk: I’m sorry, you need a reservation.
– Smoke: Excuse me.
– Resort Clerk: A reser…
– Smoke: Do you have any idea what I can do to you on TripAdivsor?”
Nathaniel Arcand – Smoke
Loretta Walsh – Resort Clerk

“I’m no speech giver. I’m just a regular guy who keep a stretch of civilization open, but I really am honored to be named Kehoe Citizen of the Year. When you drive the same road day after day, it’s easy to think about the road not taken. I was lucky, I picked a good road early and I stayed on it.”
Liam Neeson – Nels Coxman

– Nels: What is it with all these nicknames, Speedo, Viking, Eskimo?
– Brock: It’s a gangster thing.
– Nels: Did you have a nickname?
– Brock: Wingman.
– Nels: Wingman.
– Brock: Yeah, from Top Gun, as in, “You can be my wingman”.
Liam Neeson – Nels Coxman
William Forsythe – Brock

“I say make them all legal. Meth, ex, opium. An opium den in every mall, that’s my platform. Give the people what they want. Tax the shit out of it, then double our pay.”
John Doman – John ‘Gip’ Gipsky

“- Ryan: That Jet touchdown just beat your Browns. Whatever happened to loyalty?
– Santa: Sometimes loyalty comes at a price. And besides, my grandmother’s from Brooklyn.
– Ryan: So? Why don’t you give her a cut?”
Nicholas Holmes – Ryan
Michael Adamthwaite – Santa

“- Aya: Every other parent was there.
– Trevor ‘Viking’ Calcote: You’re right, I forgot about the bullying seminar. But I’m allowed to forget, you know why? Because I wrote a check for a new computer center. You write a check, you get to skip on 150 bullying seminars. That’s the math. That’s one of the perks of my business.
– Aya: You’re not a…”
Julia Jones – Aya
Tom Bateman – Trevor ‘Viking’ Calcote

“- Nels Coxman: I’m gonna kill him, Brock.
– Brock: Sure you are. What makes you think you can kill a man?
– Nels Coxman: I’ve killed three of his guys.
– Brock: What did you do with the bodies?
– Nels Coxman: Wrapped them in chicken wire, threw them on the gorge.
– Brock: Chicken wire?
– Nels Coxman: Yeah, to let the fish get at them. They’ll…”
Liam Neeson – Nels Coxman
William Forsythe – Brock