Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Plot – Flint Lockwood is a brilliant aspiring inventor with big problems of socialization. His inventions have been indeed spectacular failures,but Flint is determined to create something that will make people happy. His last machine is designed to turn water into food,but it accidentally destroys and rockets towards the clouds. Flint thinks his career is over once and for all,until cheeseburgers start raining from the sky: his machine really works and the atmospheric food is an instant success. Flint makes friendship with Sam Sparks,a journalist arrived in town to record the events,but the machine doesn’t work well as it produces giant spaghetti with meatballs tornadoes. The city is likely to be buried beneath mountains of marshmallows and watermelons,but Flint and Sam stop the process.

Movie Info

Title Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Original title Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Year 2009

Director s Phil Lord,Christopher Miller

Genre Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Animation

Top 10 Quotes of “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs” Movie

“It’s a solid, it’s a liquid, it’s a viscoelastic polymer made out of polypeptide chains but you eat it! I mean, it tastes good!” Anna Faris – Sam Sparks

“- Earl Devereaux: You see this contact lens?
– Flint Lockwood: Yeah?
– Earl Devereaux: This contact lens represents you! And my eye represents my eye! [puts on contact lens] I’ve got my eye on you!”

Mr. T – Earl Devereaux
Bill Hader – Flint Lockwood

“- Sam Sparks: When I was a girl, I had glasses, I wore my hair in a ponytail, and I was totally obsessed with weather. Other girls wanted a Barbie, I wanted a Doppler Radar Turbo 2000. All the other kids made fun of me. They kept teasing me with this lame song. I mean, it wasn’t even clever.
– Kids: Four Eyes! Four Eyes! You need glasses to see!”

Anna Faris – Sam Sparks

“- Sam Sparks: That’s peanut brittle. If either of us touches it, we’ll go into anaphylactic shock.
– Flint Lockwood: Actually, I’m not allergic to peanuts. I might have said that to get you to like me.
– Sam Sparks: And you thought having a food allergy would make you more attractive?”

Anna Faris – Sam Sparks
Bill Hader – Flint Lockwood

“- Flint Lockwood: So, where were we?
– Sam Sparks: You were about to kiss me.
– Flint Lockwood: Were you going to kiss me back?
– Sam Sparks: Why don’t you find out?
– Flint Lockwood: I don’t know, because I don’t want to get shot down again, you know…
– Sam Sparks: Just kiss me!”

Bill Hader – Flint Lockwood
Anna Faris – Sam Sparks

“- Manny: You are going to need a co-pilot.
– Sam Sparks: You are a pilot, too?
– Manny: Yes. I am also a particle physicist.
– Sam Sparks: Really?
– Manny: No, that was a joke. I am also a comedian.”

Benjamin Bratt – Manny
Anna Faris – Sam Sparks

“- Tim Lockwood: Not every sardine was meant to swim, son.
– Young Flint: I don’t understand fishing metaphors!”

James Caan – Tim Lockwood
Max Neuwirth – Young Flint

“Have you ever felt like you were a little bit different? Like you had something unique to offer the world, if you could just get people to see it.”

Bill Hader – Flint Lockwood

“- Flint Lockwood: I’ve never actually been in a snowball fight.
– Sam Sparks: Really?
– Flint Lockwood: I don’t even know the rules. Is there like a point system, or is it to the death?”

Bill Hader – Flint Lockwood
Anna Faris – Sam Sparks

“- Sam Sparks: Come with us, Flint. We’ll live underground, and use bacon for clothes.
– Flint Lockwood: That’s not a very good plan, Sam.”

Anna Faris – Sam Sparks
Bill Hader – Flint Lockwood