Blinded by the Light


Movie Info

Title Blinded by the Light

Year 2019

Director Gurinder Chadha


Top 6 Quotes of “Blinded by the Light” Movie

“No one listens to Springsteen anymore. He’s history!”
Scott Folan – Alan

“- Javed: Dad, I want to be a writer.
– Malik: Writing isn’t a job.
– Javed: It can be!
– Malik: Name me one Pakistani writer. Just one!”
Viveik Kalra – Javed
Kulvinder Ghir – Malik (Father)

“- Passport Official: Purpose of your visit?
– Javed: I’m going to see Bruce Springsteen’s hometown.
– Passport Official: I can’t think of a better reason to visit the United States than to see the home of the Boss!”

James Ballanger – Passport Official
Viveik Kalra – Javed

“48 years ago I marched into war with my friends to fight men in swastikas. Today I see swastikas on young men on the streets of Luton. That was a very brave poem, young man. You must write more and get your message out. N.F. scum indeed!”
David Hayman – Mr Evans

“Listen to me, beta. I’m not your typical Pakistani father who says you must be a doctor. I’m saying… lawyer, accountant, estate agent. I’m giving you freedom, see?”
Kulvinder Ghir – Malik (Father)

“Stay away from the girls. Follow the Jews!”
Kulvinder Ghir – Malik (Father)