Black Sunday

Plot – In 1830,Dr. Chomas and his assistant Gorobec,stopping by the ruins of an ancient chapel,find a sarcophagus that contains the rests of Asa,a witch that was executed two centuries earlier. After touching Chomas’ blood by accident,the witch comes back to life and starts killing the members of her great-granddaughter Katia’s family,who live in a castle nearby.

Movie Info

Title Black Sunday

Original title La maschera del demonio

Year 1960

Director Mario Bava


Top 6 Quotes of “Black Sunday” Movie

“- Dr. Andrej Gorobec: You must always have faith, in yourself, in life.
– Princess Asa Vajda: In life? What is my life? Sadness and grief. Something that destroys itself day by day, and no one can rebuild it. Here is the very image of my life. Look at it. It’s being consumed hour by hour like this garden, abandoned to a purposeless existence.”

John Richardson – Dr. Andrej Gorobec
Barbara Steele – Princess Asa Vajda

“You have no reason to fear the dead. They sleep very soundly.” Andrea Checchi – Dr. Thomas Kruvajan

“You will never escape my vengeance, or of Satan’s! My revenge will seek you out, and with the blood of your sons, and of their sons, and their sons, I will continue to live forever! They will restore me to life you now rob from me!”

Barbara Steele – Princess Asa Vajda

“More than a thousand years of conflicts, hates and loves – all reduced to dust in these tombs. Nothing remains of the ancient princes of Vieda, but the dead shadows of their former glory. The history of ancient Moldavia is carved in these stones.”

Andrea Checchi – Dr. Thomas Kruvajan

“- Dr. Thomas Kruvajan: This is the witch of the old legend! See this bronze mask? One was always placed over the face over a condemned witch, so she would wear for all eternity her true face: the face of Satan.
– Dr. Andrej Gorobec: Why is there a window?
– Dr. Thomas Kruvajan: They feel that the witch might rise again, and maintain that a cross…”

Andrea Checchi – Dr. Thomas Kruvajan
John Richardson – Dr. Andrej Gorobec

“You, too, can feel the joy and happiness of hating.”

Barbara Steele – Princess Asa Vajda