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February 23, 1992
actor, top model
Zodiac sign

Samara Weaving Movies

  • Ready or Not
  • Three Billboards…

Samara Weaving movie quotes, phrases and lines

“I think, for any actor, L.A. is where it all seems to be.”
Samara Weaving

“You don’t want to dream too big in case it doesn’t happen.”
Samara Weaving

“I’ve had a passion to play Marilyn Monroe for a really long time. I’m a little too young at the moment, but it’s on my bucket list.”
Samara Weaving

From the movie: Ready or Not

“- Alex Le Domas: There’s just one more thing, and then you are officially part of the family. So at midnight you have to play a game.
– Grace: Why?
– Alex Le Domas: It’s just something we do when someone new joins the family.
– Grace: A game. What game?”

Mark O’Brien – Alex Le Domas
Samara Weaving – Grace

From the movie: Ready or Not

“- Tony Le Domas: Well, the rules are simple. You can hide anywhere. We then try to find you.
– Grace: So there’s no way for me to win, right?
– Tony Le Domas: You can stay hidden until dawn.”

Henry Czerny – Tony Le Domas
Samara Weaving – Grace

From the movie: Ready or Not

“- Grace: I can’t believe that in half an hour I will be part of the Le Domas gaming dynasty, empire?
– Alex Le Domas: Uh, dominion, we prefer dominion.”

Samara Weaving – Grace
Mark O’Brien – Alex Le Domas