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James S.
Last name
James Tolkan
July 20, 1931
North American
Zodiac sign

James Tolkan Movies

  • Bone Tomahawk
  • Phil Spector
  • Problem Child 2
  • Hangfire
  • Back to the Future…
  • Dick Tracy
  • Opportunity Knocks
  • Back to the Future…
  • Family Business
  • Second Sight
  • Made in Heaven
  • Masters of the Universe
  • Top Gun
  • Back to the Future
  • Turk 182!
  • The River
  • WarGames
  • Prince of the City

James Tolkan movie quotes, phrases and lines

From the movie: Top Gun

“- Stinger: They gave you your choice of duty, son. Anything, anywhere. Do you believe that shit? Where do you think you wanna go?
– Maverick: I thought of being an instructor, sir.
– Stinger: Top Gun?
– Maverick: Yes, sir.
– Stinger: God help us.”

James Tolkan – Stinger
Tom Cruise – Maverick

“I’m a New York actor as I said and I always said I would never go to Hollywood.”
James Tolkan

La trovi inCareer in Cinema

“Since I was young I was playing old. ”
James Tolkan

“Every time I’m back in Chicago it’s like going back to the future.”
James Tolkan

From the movie: Back to the Future

“- Mr. Strickland: I noticed your band is on the roster for the dance auditions after school today. Why even bother, McFly? You don’t have a chance. You’re too much like your old man. No McFly ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley!
– Marty McFly: Yeah, well, history is gonna change.”

James Tolkan – Mr. Strickland
Michael J. Fox – Marty McFly

From the movie: Masters of the Universe

“When this is over, you’re going to jail. Accessory to assault, resisting arrest, endangering lives. I guarantee you, you and all your buddies. I’m gonna put you away for 850 years.”

James Tolkan – Detective Lubic

From the movie: Problem Child 2

“No! Not another one! How many kids are they gonna make me teach?”

James Tolkan – Mr. Thorn

From the movie: Back to the Future Part II

“- Strickland: Is that liquor I smell Tannen?
– Biff Tannen: Ahhh, I wouldn’t know. I don’t know what liquor smells like, because I’m too young to drink it.”

James Tolkan – Strickland
Thomas F. Wilson – Biff Tannen

From the movie: Prince of the City

“The law means everything to me and if any arm of the law is corrupt nothing can work, nothing. It is simple as that.”
James Tolkan – Assistant U.S. Atty. George Polito

From the movie: Problem Child 2

“- Mr. Thorn: Murph! What’s 3 plus 2?
– Murph: Mmmmm… 4.
– Mr. Thorn: Murph, you’ve been in the 6th grade since I started teaching here, I really want to get you out this year. Now, please, please work with me. What’s 3 plus 2?”

James Tolkan – Mr. Thorn
Eric Edwards – Murph

From the movie: Masters of the Universe

“Well what do you know? The mountain comes to Mohammed.”

James Tolkan – Detective Lubic

From the movie: WarGames

“- McKittrick: There’s no way that a high school punk can put a dime into a telephone and break into our system! He’s got to be working with somebody else. He’s got to be!
– Wigan: He does fit the profile perfectly. He’s intelligent, an underachiever, alienated from his parents, has few friends. A classic case for recruitment by the Soviets.”

Dabney Coleman – McKittrick
James Tolkan – Wigan