Around the World in 80 Days


Plot – Mr. Fogg is an impeccable British gentleman who bets with some friends he will travel around the world in eighty days. The stakes amount to 30,000 pounds. Together with his valet Passepartout, Fogg begins his adventurous journey. In India they save a local princess from a sacrifice, then a detective chases them because he thinks Mr. Fogg is the author of a robbery.

Movie Info

Title Around the World in 80 Days

Year 1956

Directors Michael Anderson, John Farrow


Top 10 Quotes of “Around the World in 80 Days” Movie

“What kind of foreigner are you? Are you a hoochie-coochie dancer?”

John Carradine – Col. Stamp Proctor – San Francisco Politico

“Crisis or not, nothing should interfere with tea!”
David Niven – Phileas Fogg

“Steward, my Thursday midday meal has always been and will always be hot soup, fried sole, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, baked potatoes, suet pudding and treacle.”
David Niven – Phileas Fogg

“- Saloon Hostess: Never be in a hurry. You’ll miss the best parts in life.
– Phileas Fogg: Madam, you don’t understand. I’m looking for my man.
– Saloon Hostess: So am I.”
Marlene Dietrich – Barbary Coast Saloon Owner
David Niven – Phileas Fogg

“An Englishman never jokes about a wager, sir.”
David Niven – Phileas Fogg

“- Monsieur Gasse, Travel Agent: Monsieur! You are now addressing the second most celebrated balloonist in Europe.
– Phileas Fogg: And who is the first?
– Monsieur Gasse, Travel Agent: He is not available. He was, uh, buried last Tuesday.”
Charles Boyer – Monsieur Gasse – Thomas Cook Paris Clerk
David Niven – Phileas Fogg

“- Railway Official: There’s still fifty miles of track to be laid between here and Allabahad.
– Phileas Fogg: But the London newspapers announced the opening of this railway throughout.
– Railway Official: That must have been The Daily Telegraph. Never would have read that in The Times.”
Ronald Colman – Great Indian Peninsular Railway Official
David Niven – Phileas Fogg

“- Sir Francis Gromarty: One thousand pounds for an elephant? It’s outrageous! You’ve been diddled.
– Phileas Fogg: Undoubtedly. But it’s not often one needs an elephant in a hurry.”
Cedrick Webster Hardwicke – Sir Francis Cromarty – Bombay to Calcutta Train
David Niven – Phileas Fogg

“- Princess Aouda: Have there been any women in his life?
– Passepartout: I assume he had a mother, but I am not certain.”

Shirley MacLaine – Princess Aouda
Cantinflas – Passepartout

“I’ll be darned if I understand you city folks. Always rushing, rushing, rushing. Always thinking about the future. No wonder you have stomach trouble.”
Joe E. Brown – Fort Kearney Station Master