An American Tail

Plot – In 1885 the cute Mousekewitz family,formed by some Muscovite mice,emigrated to America to be free from Cossacks and cats. Despite a storm in the Atlantic ocean,the ship arrived to New York,but Fievel,the littlest Mousekewitz,fell into the sea. Slipped inside a bottle,he landed to America too,right in the construction yard where Bartholdi was erecting the Statue of Liberty. Comforted by Henri,a whimsical pigeon,Fievel began a frantic search of his family. During his travels,the small immigrant bumped into a bunch of huge and voracious evil cats,but one of them was vegetarian and became his friend. Fievel finally found his family alongside the inauguration of the Statue of Liberty.

Movie Info

Title An American Tail

Year 1986

Director Don Bluth

Genre Drama, History, Comedy, Musical, Family, Animation

Top 16 Quotes of “An American Tail” Movie

“- Henri: I know, my little immigrant. You want to find your family. And you will.
– Fievel Mousekewitz: But how? They’re so far away, and it’s so big. I’ll never find them.
– Henri: Excuse moi, pardon, did you say never? So young, and you’ve already lost hope!”

Christopher Plummer – Henri
Phillip Glasser – Fievel Mousekewitz

“This is America, the place to find hope. If you give up now, you will never find them. So never say never.” Christopher Plummer – Henri

“- Papa Mousekewitz: For you, Fievel, a new hat. And not just any new hat. A new hat that has been in the family for three generations. It belonged to me, my father, and my father’s father, and now it belongs to you. Happy Hannukah.
– Fievel Mousekewitz: It’s too big.
– Papa Mousekewitz: You’ll grow.”

Nehemiah Persoff – Papa Mousekewitz
Phillip Glasser – Fievel Mousekewitz

“Money is not everything. I know because I have money and I have everything. But what are they worth without freedom?”

Madeline Kahn – Gussie Mausheimer

“- Mama Mousekewitz: My little boy, back from the dead. America, what a place.
– Papa Mousekewitz: My Fievel. I thought I would never see you again.
– Fievel Mousekewitz: Never say never, Papa.”

Erica Yohn – Mama Mousekewitz
Nehemiah Persoff – Papa Mousekewitz
Phillip Glasser – Fievel Mousekewitz

“- Papa Mousekewitz: Mr. Curious, you’ve discovered the herring.
– Fievel Mousekewitz: Herring? I thought they were fish.
– Papa Mousekewitz: But Fievel, herring are fish.
– Fievel Mousekewitz: Really, Papa?
– Papa Mousekewitz: Yes! In the ocean, there are many kinds of fish, and herring is one of them. Tiny fishes, not so tiny fishes, fishes as…”

Nehemiah Persoff – Papa Mousekewitz
Phillip Glasser – Fievel Mousekewitz

“Release the secret weapon!”

Madeline Kahn – Gussie Mausheimer

“I’m your guard, Tiger. Don’t make any sudden moves, ’cause I’m crafty and I’m quick. I’ve got the instints of a cat. What am I saying? I am a cat.” Dom DeLuise – Tiger

“You’re right! They don’t care, and if they did, they would have found me! Well, if they don’t care, I don’t care! I hope I never see them again!” Phillip Glasser – Fievel Mousekewitz

“As you know, I have dedicated my life to helping those who are less fortunate than myself… that’s everyone. And now, I need you to help me.” Madeline Kahn – Gussie Mausheimer

“We’ll be alright. As long as we’re together, we’ll be alright.” Nehemiah Persoff – Papa Mousekewitz

– Henri: Are you ready to go find your family?
– Fievel Mousekewitz: Yes!
– Henri: Chantal! Take my little friend to Immigration. You will find your family there. Everyone goes through Immigration. I would take you there myself, but then I would never finish my statue.
– Fievel Mousekewitz: Henri, you said “never”!
– Henri: Oh, so I did! Christopher Plummer – Henri
Phillip Glasser – Fievel Mousekewitz

“Why did we come here to America? For freedom! Why are they building that statue on the harbor? What does it stand for? Freedom!”

Madeline Kahn – Gussie Mausheimer

“- Warren T. Rat: Tiger, how did he get away?
– Tiger: He overpowered me.
– Warren T. Rat: You’re fired.
– Tiger: Good. I never liked you. And besides, your music stinks.” John Finnegan – Warren T. Rat
Dom DeLuise – Tiger

“You lost your family? Oh, dear. That’s terrible. I lost my family, too. Years ago, I mean… eight brothers. Ten sisters. Three fathers.” Dom DeLuise – Tiger

“- Mama Mousekewitz: It’s the end of the world.
– Papa Mousekewitz: No, it’s worse.”

Erica Yohn – Mama Mousekewitz
Nehemiah Persoff – Papa Mousekewitz