A Rainy Day in New York


Plot – Gatsby and Ashleigh are two college students, both coming from rich families. Ashleigh is travelingto New York for an important interview with filmmaker Roland Pollard for a college paper. Gatsby is planning a romantic weekend and wants to show her around the city, while trying to avoid his parents so they don’t discover that he is in town.But his plan is ruined when Pollard invites Ashleigh to a screening of his new film. Gatsby walks alone through New York, and bumps into a student director friend who asks him to stand in for a missing actor in a test shoot for a screen kiss with Chan. He enjoys the kiss but feels guilty. Meanwhile Ashleigh goes out for drinks with Francisco Vega, a movie star. But Pollard wants her to be his muse for his next film project and to stay with him. Vega invites her back to his place in the evening and after a few drinks they start to make out. But when his girlfriend arrives unexpectedly Ashleigh has to sneak out through a backdoor, wearing only a raincoat over her bra and panties.Gatsby and Ashleigh eventually meet to talk things through. Can they finally bond in New York the way they originally planned to do when the trip started?

Movie Info

Title A Rainy Day in New York

Original title A Rainy Day in New York

Year 2019

Director Woody Allen


Top 4 Quotes of “A Rainy Day in New York” Movie

“I read. I just don’t read what they give us in school. I mean, do I really care who wins between Beowulf and Grendel? No, I don’t. Maybe if I had a little money on it.”
Timothée Chalamet – Gatsby Welles

“It’s rich housewives who have the leisure to pursue esoteric culture. The out of work, discussing the out of print.”
Timothée Chalamet – Gatsby Welles

“Listen, Gatsby, let me tell you, you only live once. But once is enough if you find the right person.”
Selena Gomez – Chan Tyrell

“One thing about New York City. You are here or you are nowhere. You cannot achieve another level of anxiety, hostility or paranoia anywhere else.”
Timothée Chalamet – Gatsby Welles