A Hidden Life


Movie Info

Title A Hidden Life

Year 2019

Director Terrence Malick


Top 9 Quotes of “A Hidden Life” Movie

“We all have blood on our hands. No one is innocent. Crying, bloodshed, everywhere. He who created this world. He created evil. Conscious makes cowards of us all. Take care, my friend. The Antichrist is clever. He uses a man’s virtues to mislead him.”
Michael Nyqvist – Bishop Fliesser

“What comes next is seldom better.”
August Diehl – Franz Jägerstätter

“Does a man have the right to let himself be put to death for the truth? Could it possibly please God? He wants us to have peace, happiness. Not to bring suffering on ourselves.”
August Diehl – Franz Jägerstätter

“They seem to have more freedom, and to know more of peace and happiness, though they are only unreasoning animals, than we humans do. We who have the gift of understanding.”
August Diehl – Franz Jägerstätter

“- Franz Jägerstätter: I don’t know everything. A man may do wrong, and he can’t get out of it to make his life clear. Maybe he’d like to go back, but he can’t. But I have this feeling inside me, that I can’t do what I believe is wrong.
– Judge Lueben: Do you have a right to do this?
– Franz Jägerstätter: Do I have a right not to?”
August Diehl – Franz Jägerstätter
Bruno Ganz – Judge Lueben

“I wish I’d had a wife. And a farm. And apple trees, and a cherry tree. And… Maybe some grapes. We should do our own wine: white wine and red wine. When red wine for the winter, and white wine for the summer.”
Franz Rogowski – Waldland

“God doesn’t care what you say. Only what’s in your heart.”
Tobias Moretti – Fr. Fürthauer

“Better to sufferinjustice than to do it.”
Ulrich Matthes – Lorenz Schwaninger

“There’s a difference between the kind of suffering we can’t avoid and a suffering we choose.”
August Diehl – Franz Jägerstätter